25 Feb – 7 Mar season 

Patch Theatre and Adelaide Festival have joined forces to premiere a brand new show, The Lighthouse.

Take your family on an intimate journey that’s part installation, part scientific quest, part rave. Explore a series of interconnected rooms, each full of hands-on experiences examining a different property of that elusive yet fundamental force of nature: light.

Patch Artistic Director Geoff Cobham continues the celebration of big ideas – ideas that explore some of the world’s inexplicable questions from a child’s point of view. Let The Lighthouse illuminate your family.

For centuries we have gathered around light – telling stories, seeking warmth and looking for answers. There is a primitive pull to light, a sense of wonder surrounds it. Our greatest scientists still grapple with what light actually is. It seems to be both a particle and wave, but how?

The Lighthouse is an interactive immersive promenade performance piece for all ages. Part theatre, part immersive art piece, part rave, part science experiment, The Lighthouse puts children and their families at the centre of an exploration of light.

In this house of wonder, a series of theatrical light experiences are linked by puzzle portals that must be solved to gain entry to the next playground. In groups of ten, audiences will depart every 15 minutes, making their way through a series of interconnected rooms.

Each room offers a unique theatrical exploration of light, using a performer to bring the story to life. The group is able to proceed to the next room by solving a puzzle, found through interaction with the lighting and performance elements of each room.

Discover the complexities of light – from the tiniest spark to the biggest bang, from pixel to landscape, line to animation, glow to strobe.

4 – 8 year olds and their families

Audience experience is 60 minutes, 30 patrons enter every 20 minutes from 10am – 12:20pm & 6pm – 8:20pm on weekends.

25 Feb – 7 Mar season at Adelaide Festival.

Event location: Queens Theatre Adelaide

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