Werk it – Adelaide Fringe By Liv Williams

14 FEB – 15 MAR | CORONA THEATRE – Garden of unearthly delights

The best way for me to describe the late-night circus production Werk it, currently showing at the Adelaide Fringe, is to say… it’s kind of like the most talented members of Cirkidz grew up and got drunk together at a party, and this is the result. In a good way!

It’s a little bit circus, a little bit comedy, a little bit cheeky, and a whole lot of badassery; and brought to you by Circus Trick Tease, the crew behind Neon and the 2018 smash hit Can’t Face.

It’s an hour of true acrobatic flex, with enough sass and innuendo to give it a legit M rating (leave the kids at home for this one!). Notable mentions to a killer hula hoop routine, and a juggling display that brought out in me, what I can only describe as an unexpected sudden onset juggling fetish. Juggling virtuoso, Richard Sullivan, just looked so sexy when he was throwing his balls in the air, I don’t know, I can’t explain it. If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right!

A few questionable minutes at the very beginning with a slapstick routine that people who don’t love slapstick (i.e. me) may inwardly groan at, is very much made up for by the remaining 57 minutes of what is a cracker show of extreme talent on display, that lacks nothing, and exceeds expectations.
It just werks!

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