REVIEW: The I Hate Children Children’s Show

REVIEW: The I Hate Children Children’s Show

Date: Monday March 12, 2018
Location: The Flamingo at Gluttony

Loud, colourful and like one big sugar rush, The I Hate Children Children’s Show is not your ordinary kids show.

Paul Dabek, with his talented band The Kidnappers, perform an energetic show full of comedy, magic and rock & roll – appealing to both little and big people.

Songs including Pocket Money Blues and Magic Bag of Disappointment have the crowd laughing at the same time, but for different reasons.

Paul is an excellent performer; quick witted and cheeky. But beware – audience members are enticed on stage, and he doesn’t hold back with the kids. They are often the butt of the jokes … but at the delight of the cackling parents.

The kids don’t care though. They dance and sing and laugh along and by show’s end Paul has them eating out the palm of his hand.

The final song includes flying marshmallows, floating flamingoes, acrobatics, a guitar solo and a bubble machine. All the ingredients for a cool kids – and maybe parents – party.

So Paul proves (I think) he doesn’t really hate children!

Shows run until Sunday, March 18.

Instagram: @theihatechildrenshow
Facebook: @ihatechildren

By Kate Younie

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