REVIEW: Rose Callaghan’s ‘Will You Accept This Rose?’ at Adelaide Fringe

Rose Callaghan – Will you accept this rose

Adelaide Fringe Festival
Howling Owl
20 Feb – 24 Feb

Leaving at the end of Rose Callaghan’s Adelaide Fringe comedy show “Will You Accept This Rose” sort of feels like leaving a pub where you have just met a hilarious drunk chick at the bar that you’re now convinced is your new best friend.

It takes a lot to get me out of the house on Married at First Sight dinner party night, but I was willing to make the sacrifice for a show inspired by The Bachelor, reality TV dating, and Rose Callaghan’s real-life journey of singledom, bad dates, and awkward [sometimes gory] sexual encounters and hook ups.

As a long-time devotee of The Bachelor franchise myself, Rose told all the right jokes about all the right contestants, but having watched every episode from all 22 seasons of the show is not a prerequisite to enjoying Rose’s material.

The show has some of its best laugh out loud moments when Rose reels off a succession of personal dating stories, complete with her charming brand of honest and self-deprecating humour and an uninhibited use of gloriously offensive expletives in all the best moments of some of the worst [and most shockingly hilarious] stories you’ve possibly ever heard about dating.

A couple of moments of forgotten material were more than made up for with some priceless off the cuff audience banter, reaffirming that Rose really is that funny girl you kind of wish you were friends with.

Definitely one to swipe right for.

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