REVIEW: Puppetry of the Penis

Adelaide Fringe Festival
Puppetry of the Penis
The Vagabond at The Garden of Unearthly Delights
28 Feb – 18 Mar
Nudity level: Frequent (and hilarious)

[Warning: This review may contain traces of nuts]

If you go in to Puppetry of the Penis expecting anything other than two blokes jumping around naked and playing with their dicks for an hour, then you’ll be disappointed. The long and short of it (see what I did there?) is, it’s a dick show. And a damn funny one at that.

Opening night of Puppetry was admittedly my first (and possibly last) opportunity to have an hour-long stare at a penis, as Rich and Barry (I feel it’s appropriate that we’re now on a first name basis) performed the ancient art of genital origami for a packed crowd of women and a handful of brave fellas who were clearly going home after the show to practise in the privacy of their own homes.

Being front row at the dick show is an eye-opening experience to say the very least. Rest assured, if you get a seat at the back, every inch of the action is projected onto a big screen so you won’t miss any of the bulge bending, phallus folding, cobra contorting action by not being up close and personal.

The show is straight up funny, whilst not for the faint hearted or prudish (and you might not want to go with your boss or your highly conservative mother in law); it’s cheeky, it’s mischievous, and although I feel a bit weird saying it, kind of charming! The guys fold, twist, bulge and scoop their junk into various objects, animals and landmarks (the Loch Ness Monster and Miley Cyrus on her wrecking ball(s) my personal favourites), all the while engaging in witty banter, social commentary and some spot-on pop culture references.

If, like me, you think Rich is a bit cute walking in there then let me just say that avoiding all eye contact is going to be damn near impossible. And I think you know which eye I’m talking about.

A little bit of audience participation went a long way, and by the end of it my face actually hurt from laughing. Their penises may have been flaccid, but the act certainly wasn’t! If you’re up for a good laugh and don’t mind a side of peen-burger, get onto it!


Website: Puppetry of the Penis
Instagram: @puppetryofthep
Facebook: @puppetryofthepenis

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