REVIEW: Big Tops & Tiny Tots Circus Show

Big Tops & Tiny Tots Circus Show

Adelaide Fringe Festival
The Bally at Gluttony
24 Feb – 18 Mar: Saturdays & Sundays + Public holiday Monday
Tickets available

Some people might call a group of children ‘a migraine’ (me.. it’s me.. I call a group of children a migraine). However, Luth Wolff, the solo performer of the one-woman circus show Big Tops & Tiny Tots, could be forgiven for calling it ‘a guffaw’ of children, since that’s the sound that echoed across The Bally at Gluttony for much of her engaging, interactive and thoroughly entertaining 45-minute circus show.

The plate spinning, hula hooping, unicycling extravaganza, which has been designed with ‘tiny tots’ in mind, completely captivated its audience of little people (as well as their parents) with non-stop circus tricks, slapstick comedy, a hint of magic and just the right amount of silliness to maintain an infectious trill of giggles peeling across the tent throughout.

With some cleverly placed educational aspects and a good amount of audience participation, this is a show that ticks boxes for both parents and their tiny tots alike.

Luth builds a quick and easy rapport with the children (aged predominantly 2-6 years) and is energetic, charmingly likeable and has clear circus cred with tricks that kind of make you wish you could run off and join the circus yourself!

If you’re looking for one show to take your kids to this year at the Adelaide Fringe, this might just be it.

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