REVIEW: Arj Barker ‘We Need To Talk’

Arj Barker ‘We Need To Talk’

Adelaide Fringe, Arts Theatre, 21 Feb – 2 March

Once a young, single, comedy hot-shot Arj Barker is now married and finding more and more of those random grey hairs. This leads him to change his tune in ‘We Need To Talk’. Crude sexual innuendoes are fewer, while the ‘ball and chain’ jokes are plentiful.

Barker’s stage presence comes with the ease of a well oiled machine. It is clear he is a seasoned veteran in comedy. His self deprecating, jaded and cynical approach to life is somehow charming and like all good comedy… relatable.

The biggest roars of laughter and giggles in the audience came from a group of female audience members, who were presumably on a girls night away from their husbands and kids. One could presume this from their uncontrollable laughing reaction to anything marriage or children related mentioned by Barker.

An unprecedented amount of time is spent on Barker’s traditional “merch” spiel, however this is somehow skilfully made acceptable via his forgivable, tongue in cheek charm and hilarious, welcomed audience interaction. Evidently it was also very effective when considering the lengthy que for the ‘sticker packs of wisdom’ post show.

All round, Barker’s cynical and sarcastic skits and hilarious, because they are brutally honest. A show that is both engaging and entertaining, especially for those who are married or looking for a bit of comic relief from their own personal midlife crisis.

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