The Moa at Gluttony – Showing until 17 March

When a show has ‘allstars’ in the title, you really expect to see the best of the best—and the 360 Allstars does not disappoint. Dubbed an ‘urban circus’ by promoters, the show is a high-energy showcase of all things that spin: bicycles, basketballs, breakdancing and hoops. And every player is a champion in their field, from drumming to dancing to dropping the beat.

The 360 Allstars are like seven cool uncles who your kids adore. Funny, fit and ultra-talented, they’re beatboxing, back-flipping guys with buckets of energy and bags of street cred.

A dizzying display of BMX tricks by a two-times world-BMX champion is followed by a b-boy dance-off reminiscent of a 64-bit video game battle.

You’ll see a freestyle basketballer juggle five balls as he’s egged on by a screaming audience, a moonwalker in a magic spotlight, and a roue cyr hoop artist with the elegance and strength of a ballet dancer.

The show is backed by slick hip-hop beats and honey vocals of X-Factor NZ winner Beau Monga, with a virtuoso percussionist keeping it tight. The original live music score—drums, keys and samples—unifies the performance without skipping a beat.

Every moment of the 65-minute show is seat-edge-exciting, with just the right amount of humour. It is, absolutely, the coolest family show of the Adelaide Fringe—dazzling, thrilling, and exceptionally good fun. Suitable for all ages, but probably best appreciated by girls and boys aged 5 and up.

Warning: may result in air-drumming and BMX acrobatics attempts.


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