The Brass Monkeys are Coming to the Garden! 

February 14 – March 13

If you gasped and giggled at last year’s “Children are Stinky” show then you better prepare yourself, because the creators are BACK and bringing an all new, action-packed, super exciting circus spectacular to Adelaide Fringe.

Brass Monkeys celebrates kids who march to the beat of their own drum and have the world at their dancing feet.

Bursting with high calibre acrobatics, a ton of comedy, live music and high flying tricks, this show is perfect for little kids and grown ups who like a big brass belly laugh!

Performed by powerhouse duo Kyle Raftery and April Dawson (Lunar Circus, Circus Oz) and directed by Malia Walsh (heaps of stuff). This trio of artists are famous for combining circus skills of epic proportions with comedy for all ages.

Recommended for children between 3-10, and grown ups who like a laugh.

We spoke to the Monkeys themselves before their big Fringe debut! 

What can we expect from your show that we didn’t see last year?
Everything in the show is new! We have aerials, unicycling, huge juggling act and of course live music mixed with acrobatics.

What will kids love most abut Brass Monkeys?
The incredible acrobatics and comedy… it’s got just as many jokes for the grown ups too!

Are you from Adelaide originally?
We are from all over Australia, one from Perth, one from county NSW and our director is from Melbourne.

What is your favourite part about performing/directing at Adelaide Fringe?
Adelaide has the best audiences in the world. You are smart, adventurous and super fun!

Are there any other shows on your must-see list?
So many, but if you liked big tricks and loads of laughs get a baby sitter and treat yourself to WERK IT, on in the Garden every night.

A bit of advice for any Fringe goer? 
Go and see one show this year that isn’t what you would normally see, explore a different genera or a new venue. Stirling Fringe is worth the trip! 

Tickets are available from: 

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