Marawa Ibrahim ‘The Girls Guide’ Book Event at RCC Fringe

Marawa Ibrahim ‘The Girls Guide’ Book Event

Tuesday 19 February 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Seven-times world record holder Marawa Ibrahim was once told she didn’t have what it takes to be a performer. Today, she holds world records for the most hoops spun by an individual and the fastest 100 metres in high-heeled skates. Marawa works with hundreds of young women around the world through her award-winning hula-hoop troupe, The Majorettes.

Along side the World Premier of her cabaret box of tricks show ‘Quality Novelty’, Marawa Ibrahim brings to Adelaide the exclusive Australian launch of her book ‘The Girl’s Guide’, packed with lessons about growing up, and the changes Marawa once experienced in her own body when becoming a women. Join her for a celebratory book signing, filled with all things fun (may or may not include hula hoops).

Location: the Braggs Lecture Theatre is located in the new Braggs Building on the North Terrace campus, close to Victoria Drive and is adjacent to the Maths Lawns and facing the Barr Smith Lawns. The entrance to the Theatre is located on the ground floor at the front entrance.


Tickets to Quality Novelty available here 


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