Kids’ Fringe Shows 2022 | Best Adelaide Fringe shows for Kids

ADELAIDE FRINGE FOR KIDS | It's the most wonderful time of the year... Adelaide Fringe Festival time! As per usual, we can’t wait to get our kids and families out of the house and seeing some family Fringe shows! To give you a head start on what to look out for when picking your Adelaide Fringe shows for this year, we’ve selected our top picks for family friendly Fringe shows for kids in the upcoming season.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Adelaide Fringe Festival time! As per usual, we can’t wait for this year’s Adelaide Fringe and the chance to get our kids and families out of the house and seeing some shows!


The Fringe guide has been released, the performers are honing their skills and there’s no shortage of amazing shows this year, especially for kids and families!

To give you a head start on what to look out for when picking your Adelaide Fringe shows for this year, we’ve selected our top picks for family friendly Fringe shows for kids in the upcoming season. There’s a whole bunch of fun here for the kids (and the adults!) with comedy, circus, under sea adventures and even some musical monkeys.. not to mention a show that’s been written specifically for babies and toddlers!

Prehysterical adelaide fringe


This show rocks! A hilarious circus show for children and parents of all ages, following three foolish Neanderthals as they struggle to survive the harsh natural world. Avoiding predators, navigating harsh environments, and learning to work together are all explored with marvellous circus skills and hilarious slapstick comedy.

With truly incredible circus and tongue-in-cheek humour for the adults, PreHysterical is something everyone will enjoy.

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party pooper adelaide fringe

Party Pooper

Put on your best party hat, and wrap the presents, you’re invited to this surprise party! Wildhouse Circus infuses their exceptional circus skills with all of the classic party games you’d expect. There’ll be hula hooping, tumbling and giant German Wheel-ing on show as well as pranks, silly facial expressions and balloons popping like wild. Witness the taunts and tantrums when things don’t go to plan and the joy and happiness that comes from celebrating amongst the ones you love. You’d be a ‘Party Pooper’ to give this one a miss!

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Amazing Drumming Monkeys Adelaide Fringe

Amazing Drumming Monkeys

Australia’s favourite family puppet show is back at the FRINGE in 2022. Comedy, puppetry, live music, and heartwarming themes. Sold out in 2021, the Monkeys will have kids and parents laughing, dancing and drumming together with their delightful show.

Perfect for little kids and great for adults as well, this show has something for everyone. Cute & funny monkey puppets for the children, hilarious comedy for the adults, funky live drumming for all ages, and a message for the world. It’s rare to find a show that can be equally enjoyed by young children, and their parents. The Amazing Drumming Monkeys does that and more. It’s a fantastic show!

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Mr Snot Bottom

Mr Snotbottom’s Stinky Silly Show

Kids comedy hero Mr Snot-bottom, brings his slimiest and stinkiest of songs, gruesomest of gags, plus some BRAND NEW just-wrong routines in a rollercoaster of weirdness this Adelaide Fringe!

Star of the award winning* ‘Busy Bodies’ podcast, fringe favourite Mr Snot bottom will have weird kids 5+ and their even weirder parents gasping, groaning and howling with delight with the most hysterically deeeeesgusting moments from a career of sell-out shows and rave reviews!

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game on 3 review

Game on 3

Last year’s sold out smash hit is back!

Like John Farnham, Matty Grey is doing a farewell show about video games! Well, John Farnham doesn’t do shows about video games, but parents reading this will get the joke here. OH GOD! I’ve already used up most of my space! Um um… it’s for kids, about video games, comedy and EPIC Nerf gun battles. HANG ON!!! This is the internet write up… YAY more characters to use and really describe what the show is about and what the audience can expect.

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Yes, it’s a show for babies! Mums and Dads who are dying to get their new humans out to the Fringe, this show is for you! Inspired by being a new mum, Kat Placing has devised a show for babbling babies & tireless toddlers! It is a sensory display of colour, sound, light & movement to spark joy and ignite wonder. Incorporating puppetry, clowning, bubbles, shadow play & much more. It is a 30min sampler of stimulation for hungry minds. Created to delight audiences 6m to 3 years. Taking place within the Gluttony grounds it ensures a much needed day out for fringe fun and family bonding. All performances are relaxed where we expect bubs to be bubs. Check out what we thought of the show last year!

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monski mouse adelaide fringe 2022

Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall

Why toddle when you can dance? Join DJ Mumma, Monski Mouse and her Dancers for a session of bonkers, bopping family fun. This international hit kids show, lets parents and 0-5’s loose on the dance floor in this friendliest of discos. Expect high-energy smiling to retro beats and thumping nursery rhymes. Get your disco-dancing booties on!

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I'm a raindrop

I’m A Raindrop Get Me Out Of Here

DID YOU KNOW that there has never been more or less water on Planet Earth? Where has this water been? What has it seen? Join Rocio, Reef and Millie the Raindrops on the immersive adventure of a billion-year-lifetime! Families will be taken up Mt. Everest, walking with the Dinosaurs, and discovering the effects of climate change throughout time. As a community, we come together in a call to action; because the Climate Emergency is here, real, and urgent.

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sea star rock adelaide fringe

Seastar Rock

Hop aboard this interactive, musical, rocking family party, with all the characters from the famed, locally produced TV series on Adelaide’s Channel 44.

Kids will be up singing, dancing and playing games as they help navigate the oceans on an exciting eco adventure! With sell out crowds at Adelaide Fringe, the show was recommended as the “Top 5 Things to do with Kids”, The Advertiser.

Highlights will include: Helping Paddy Polar Bear bring back the snow, creating a colourful coral reef with Cha Cha Crab, and surfing waves with Snappy Starfish as he takes on the plastic bag monsters! From the bluesy beats of ‘Blue Boppin Whale’ to the dance floor filler ‘Jelly Fish Fizzies’, parents love the SeaStar songs as much as the kids do! Old favourites and new tunes to rock to! Three shows only!

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best of kids fringe feature

Best of Kids Fringe

A fun Fringe ‘best of show’ for kids! Keep them clapping and cheering along with circus performers, magicians, bubble artists, clowns, sing-a-longs and puppeteers throughout this ever changing silly spectacle like none other.

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Picos Puppet Palace Fringe 2022

Pico and the Golden Lagoon

‘Pico and the Golden Lagoon’ is an enchanting adventure story about courage, new friendships, and the wonders of nature. Pico is a world traveler who flies around in a yellow bi-plane. On her adventures, she is introduced to new eco ideas through the characters in the stories. Pico is in the middle of a mail run when all of a sudden her plane runs out of fuel and she is forced to make a crash landing on a nearby island. Here she meets David, a marooned naturalist, who shows her the charms of the island. Pico meets many wonderful characters including Lou a dragon who lives in a cave at the edge of the lagoon. Does Lou guard the solution to Pico’s empty fuel tank? How will the story unfold? Created from re-purposed and recycled materials, using puppetry, live music, and storytelling.

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Pico under the Coral Sea

Pico, a world traveler, is en route to a small island in the middle of the ocean to deliver a special package to Jacques, a deep-sea adventurer. Upon arrival, she is asked to join him on his next diving expedition. On this underwater exploration, Pico meets all the wonderful and diverse creatures of the ocean.

Why are they all leaving? Is the coral reef really dying? What will they discover? Join Pico and friends in the story of – ‘Pico under the Coral Sea’

Using live music, puppetry, and storytelling, Pico’s Puppet Palace introduces ecological and environmental issues, innovations, and ideas. The shows are created from repurposed and recycled materials.

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Humphrey Dancing Shoes

Put on your Dancing Shoes with Humphrey

This inter-generational extravaganza will bring the whole family together. Great-grandchildren to great-grandparents will be able to joyfully explore this dynamic and inclusive show.

Humphrey will delight the inner child as everyone will be toe-tapping, finger-clicking and grinning as he dances, prances and bumbles his way through the ages. This show is packed full of interactive songs and dance.

Get a photo with Humphrey after the show! It’s a perfect souvenir to share with family and friends!

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roald dahl and the imagination seekers adelaide fringe

Roald Dahl and The Imagination Seekers

All around the world Roald Dahl’s words are disappearing not only from books but children’s minds too! Now only a Secret Organisation known as The Ancient Guild of Taletenders can save the stories and they need your help…

This show is an immersive and interactive performance, involving games and imaginative play, while exploring Roald Dahlʼs extraordinary stories, including The BFG and The Twits along the way.’

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Wilbur the Optical Whale

Winner of the Adelaide Fringe Access Award and weekly Innovation Award (2020) ‘Wilbur the Optical Whale’ returns to Adelaide in 2022. Based on the book by Karen Lee Roberts,  Wilbur the Optical Whale’ is a ‘tail’ about friendship, acceptance, and celebrating difference. Wilbur and Cecil are the best of friends and one day while playing hide and seaweed,  they are set upon by the Starfish Meanie Gang! How do they get out of this one?  ‘Wilbur’ is an immersive, interactive and accessible performance for children aged 3+. Set in an exquisitely crafted underwater world full of fun, interactive play, stunning circus tricks, digital and visual imagery, and music. All performances are Auslan interpreted, and are presented as ‘relaxed’.

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spectacular cake adelaide fringe

The Most Spectacular Cake!

“I have a feeling something bad just happened…”

Today is the day when Head Chef Wren Auclair, will make their most spectacular cake – the cake of all cakes! But today is also the day when best friend and bumbling Junior Chef Ash Sock-le-blurgh, will assist… Amidst all the cake, cream and clowns, what could possibly go wrong?

Follow the misadventure of Wren and Ash as they craft up a recipe for clown mayhem. ‘The Most Spectacular Cake!’ is ready to bake and all it will take is you!

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splash test dummies

Splash Test Dummies

The Splash Test Dummies are off on an exciting adventure of oceanic proportions! With a brilliant array of catch-your-breath stunt work, dazzling acrobatics, dexterous juggling and side-splitting, slapstick comedy, the Dummies are ready to roll out their beach towels and spring into an exciting hour of circus-filled hilarity for the whole family.

Dummies Corp features world-class circus artists who “surprise and delight” (Edinburgh Festival for Kids). They are the Australian leaders in narrative driven circus comedy, recognised globally for creations of quality that are intelligent, theatrical and inventive.

“This show has everything and is just plain joyous” (The List UK). Grab your flippers and snorkel and join the Dummies diving from bathtubs to beaches on this wild aquatic ride!

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the alpahbet of awesome science

Alphabet of Awesome Science

Join professors Lexi Con and Noel Edge (the Word Nerd and the Science freak) for a thrilling voyage through the alphabet — where sesquipedalian words inspire mind-blowing scientific surprises! It’s a tongue-twisting race from A to Z that’s equal parts explosive, messy, hilarious, fascinating and gross. Brace yourself for an hour of carefully crafted alphabetical, scientifical (award-winning!) chaos — that floats, flies, squirts, sprays, ignites and erupts!

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You are a Doughnut

You are a Doughnut

From the creators of the award-winning “The Alphabet of Awesome Science”…

…comes a brand new biological-musical-comedy-adventure — that takes a deep dive through the human digestive system!

Join guest lecturer Oesoph A. Gus and class clown Dewey Dean as they embark upon a brilliant exploration of every twisty tube and remarkable organ — with sketches, songs and sensational science! It’s a fast-paced variety hour — with each new digestive destination inspiring a wonderfully unusual performance. Brace yourself for the weirdest, grossest (and most fun!) biology class / comedy double act / vaudeville performance that you’ll ever experience!

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The Greatest Magic Show Adelaide Fringe

The Greatest Magic Show

This multi-award-winning, sell-out sensation of 2020 and 2021, is set to return with more whimsical wonders than ever before!

Having garnered international acclaim with sell-out seasons at FRINGE WORLD, Adelaide Fringe, and Melbourne International Comedy Festival; the stars Sam and Justin will be once again hitting the stage with brand new illusions direct from a Las Vegas stage!

Joining them will be the enchanting Ringmaster, played by award-winning stand-up comic TAHIR, who after searching far and wide, has finally found The Greatest Magic Show – and will do everything he can to keep it on track!

This show WILL SELL OUT! Free Magic Wand on Entry!

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Petit Circus

Petit Circus

Set in a restaurant, with fun food themed circus, aerials, acrobatics, juggling, hula hoops, musical moments, comedy and more! Come and see why this audience favourite has performed at every Fringe for the past 11 years, and got 5 stars from the Advertiser!

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The Circus Firemen

The Circus Firemen

The Circus Firemen Celebrate their 11th year at the Adelaide fringe! Firemen themed circus fun for all ages. The Circus Firemen turn up the heat with high energy acrobatics, red hot fire juggling, and hilarious physical comedy. These two brothers have been touring the world for over ten years with their award winning circus comedy style.

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Mr Spins Bam Wam

Mr Spin’s Bam Wow Amazing Show

The show is a high-skilled, comic vaudevillian musical extravaganza!

Adelaide’s own, the legendary Mr Spin has such an infectious energy & endearing, charismatic wit that he is a true comic genius and one of Australia’s finest juggler. This 50-minute mega-stunt, slapstick musical clown performance will leave the whole family thoroughly entertained.

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Circus the show


Roll Up! Roll Up! Prepare to enter a world of whimsy & wonder where your imagination will soar like never before, in this completely re-imagined circus spectacular!

Flipping into town once more after SELL-OUT seasons at Perth + Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival and Her Majesty’s Theatre; this star-studded show features world-class illusions, tumbling acrobats, highly skilled jugglers, breath-taking aerialists, an endearing clown with his GIGANTIC 6ft balloon & enough slapstick comedy to send any grown man running for the toilet!

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