REVIEW: Velvet Rewired By Kate Younie 

Location: Magic Mirrors, Spiegeltent, Gluttony
Playing until 15 March
Cost: $51 – $83

Disco balls, sequins, hula-hoops and hoop earrings all set the scene for a night of soul tunes in this high energy, award winning, feel good production.

Marcia Hines is central to this cabaret as she effortlessly sings hits from The Bee Gees, Earth Wind & Fire and Diana Ross. Her voice is as velvet as ever. Smooth and powerful; she perfectly plays her part as Queen Diva. Hines’ two back-up singers, Olivia Carniato and Kyla Bartholomeusz, shine when they are front and centre. Oozing talent and ridiculous rhythm, they had the audience dancing in their seats.

DJ and sound mixer, Joe Accaria, keeps the funk tunes coming as aerialist take to the air and acrobats do their thing. Circus skills and high-risk roller-skating are also part of the disco fever.

So dust off your glow mesh mini-skirt ready for a night out at this Studio-54 inspired boogie wonderland.

Four Stars.

By Kate Younie

Tickets available

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