Wonder and exploration at Baby Sensory Adelaide

Baby Sensory Adelaide
Did you know a baby’s brain doubles in size by the end of their first year? This happens because their brain cells are busy making trillions of connections! The more interesting and stimulating experiences they have in this time with sounds, sights, smells, tastes and textures, the more their brain grows and develops important skills like memory, emotions and intelligence.

Baby sensory offers learning and development sessions for babies from birth to 13 months designed to stimulate and engage babies through these important sensory experiences.

These sensory classes are full of magic and wonder, using all the senses to encourage brain development and cognitive growth. They’re also great for bonding and socialising between babies and caregivers.

Baby sensory classes

The importance of sound, sight, smell taste and touch


In the womb, baby’s ears start to work, tuning in to their mother’s voice and heart. After birth, hearing continues to improve with sound experiences, songs, and stories, building vital connections for speech, language, and brain growth.


Babies’ vision improves quickly! At 2 months, colours become clear and they can track objects. By 6 months, both eyes can focus and at 8 months, they see even better. Vision develops until age 4, so visual stimulation is key to brain development!


Babies find comfort in familiar smells like breast milk or their mother’s perfume. Smells are processed by the brain’s temporal lobe and limbic system, affecting memory, mood, and behavior. Exploring new smells builds brain connections and helps babies learn about their surroundings.

baby sensory classes


Smell and taste are best friends! The tongue can only detect basic flavours, but the nose picks up the rest. Babies explore objects with their mouths, getting a feel for texture, size, shape and temperature, while developing important jaw and tongue movements. Vocalisations help with speech and intellectual growth.


Touch is more than just tickles and cuddles! When babies touch objects, their brain cells get a workout. They learn about the world through the sensations of texture, weight, and temperature. Plus, snuggles from parents build emotional connections for
happy relationships!


Baby sensory


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