St Mary’s College: A junior school focus

St Mary's College celebrates 155-years of artistic excellence and empowering young women.

As parents embark on the crucial journey of selecting the right school, St Mary’s College stands out as a beacon of artistic excellence and holistic development in Adelaide. With a vibrant performing arts sector, the campus offers a nurturing environment for students from Reception to Year 12.

In our Junior School, music takes centre stage, guided by specialist teachers using the Kodaly method. Weekly classroom music lessons encompass singing, percussion, recorder, and ukulele, fostering creativity, innovation, and musical proficiency.

The distinctive Junior School Immersion Program ensures every student learns an instrument for three years, progressing from violin and cello in Years 2 and 3 to flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, or trombone in Year 4. This program enhances musical skills, contributing to academic achievement and human development.

St Mary’s actively forges industry connections, with students collaborating with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and the State Opera of South Australia, enriching their musical journey with real-world experiences.

Ensembles play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of belonging. St Mary’s offers diverse ensembles, including choirs, concert bands, string ensembles, and a rock band for Year 5 and 6 students, uniting them through the universal language of music.

Bi-annual Junior School musicals showcase St Mary’s commitment to the arts, seamlessly blending creative and performing arts disciplines. Dance and drama are integral to the curriculum, enhancing cognitive, motor, and social development skills, showcased through regular performances.

For parents seeking a school beyond academics, St Mary’s is a haven of artistic inspiration and holistic development, making it the ideal choice for a well rounded educational experience. As St Mary’s proudly celebrates its 155th anniversary, the legacy of artistic excellence promises a future filled with creativity and success for all students.

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