SPOT Paediatrics introduces individualised parent support with Occupational Therapist Theresa Coletti

SPOT Paediatrics understand the crucial role parents play in caring for and advocating for their children. To further support these important people, the team have announced the introduction of individualised parent support sessions with experienced Occupational Therapist, Theresa Coletti.

Parenting can be an overwhelming journey, with high expectations imposed upon us by ourselves and others. The rise of social media and evolving parenting practices has made it increasingly challenging to determine if we are doing things right. It’s essential to recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting, as every child is unique with their own set of needs. Many parents find themselves exhausted and isolated, especially when faced with managing challenging behaviours in their children.

The team at SPOT Paediatrics understand that there may not always be enough time during therapy sessions to have in-depth conversations about your child’s difficulties. Balancing the need for discussion and therapeutic support for your child within a single clinic visit can be overwhelming. That’s why SPOT offers parent support sessions, providing you with the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with a supportive therapist while your child is not present.

These sessions can have numerous benefits, including:

  • Examining the bigger picture of your family and the support system surrounding your child.
  • Assisting you with planning and problem-solving the challenges you and your child are facing.
  • Creating a comfortable space for open discussion without worrying about your child listening.
  • Allowing parents the dedicated time and space to converse without detracting from hands-on therapy for their child.


SPOT’s parent support sessions cover a wide range of topics, including self-care, toileting, behaviour, emotions and regulation, sensory processing, and play. During these sessions, you can expect discussions on the challenges impacting your child, supportive problem-solving, strategies to try, and communication with your child’s current therapist to keep them informed of any recommendations. They also provide valuable resources such as handouts, links to further resources, or referrals to other professionals if necessary.

Parenting is undoubtedly a journey that requires a supportive community. Do you have someone to talk to and share your parenting challenges in a respectful, non-judgmental environment? Engaging with professionals who possess experience in parenting and supporting other parents can have a profound impact, offering strategies and potential access to additional support during challenging times.

Remember, it takes a village to raise a child.

To learn more about parent and carer support sessions with Theresa at SPOT Paediatrics:

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