The Volvo XC60: Family-friendly innovation and efficiency

Volvo XC60
Experience the Volvo XC60 and go the extra mile with comfort, technology, and eco-friendly performance. And now, with $5,000 cashback, it's even more rewarding. This ultimate family-friendly ride offers ample space and some serious safety features for your growing crew.

Introducing your new favourite car; the Volvo XC60, a vehicle that combines innovation and efficiency for an amazing driving experience that’s perfect for families. This cutting-edge ‘mild hybrid’ system combines a traditional combustion engine with an electric motor and battery, working together to optimise your fuel consumption and deliver a smooth and eco-friendly drive.

Not only does this mean a more enjoyable driving experience, but it also reduces harmful emissions, making a positive impact on the environment for the sake of our generation and the generation of our growing kiddos.

And now, for a limited time, there’s even more reason to choose the Volvo XC60. Take advantage of Solitaire’s exclusive offer: $5,000 cashback on new, in-stock vehicles purchased and delivered by the June 30^. Plus, as a special bonus, receive an additional $1,000 accessories pack for your new Volvo XC60.


Family friendly features we love

  • Advanced driver assistance technology helps keep your family safe by maintaining a safe distance from cars ahead, keeping your car in the lane, reminding you to resume driving, and even stopping the vehicle if needed to prevent accidents.
  • Navigating tight parking spaces becomes a breeze with the 360° parking view feature. It gives you a complete view of your surroundings, making it easier to park safely.
  • Designed with ample space in mind, the vehicle includes Isofix latches to provide a secure attachment for baby car seats. Additionally, for families with younger children, the integrated booster seats offer utmost convenience, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • With a generous headroom of 39 inches, the rear seats provide ample space for both parents and children, allowing everyone to enjoy optimal comfort.
  • The XC60’s mild hybrid system is great for your family’s budget. It helps you save on fuel without compromising performance.


Explore a detailed look at the incredible features that make the Volvo XC60 perfect for your family.

Refined interior

The XC60 offers comfort for the whole family. The meticulous interior design ensures that every aspect, from the touchable materials to the thoughtful details, is carefully crafted to elevate your driving experience and create a warm and inviting space for your loved ones. Get ready to set off on unforgettable journeys with a car that puts your family’s comfort first.

Interior Volvo Xc60
Details matter. Tactile and sensory, this interior was created to move hearts and minds.

Smart features and safety

The XC60’s mild hybrid system offers fuel savings for your family budget while maintaining performance. This intelligent system optimises fuel consumption while providing impressive power and acceleration, ensuring an easy driving experience whether you’re navigating city streets or cruising on the highway.

Family road trips will never be a drag again, with a range of smart features and technologies that make every journey enjoyable. Seamlessly integrate Google Maps, Google Assistant, and Google Play into your XC60, allowing for hands-free convenience and entertainment for your passengers throughout your ride.

Safety takes centre stage in the XC60, featuring advanced driver assistance technologies that ensure your well-being on the road. Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, stay centred in your lane, and receive warnings and assistance to avoid potential collisions with pedestrians, cyclists, and even large animals. You’ll stay focused on the road ahead with the head-up display, providing essential information in your line of sight without distracting you from driving.

Navigating tight parking spaces also becomes effortless with the 360° parking view, providing you with a comprehensive perspective of your surroundings. Combined with flank sensors, this system enhances your awareness and enables confident manoeuvring in any situation, be it parking at busy school drop off, navigating supermarket car parks, or parallel parks at Saturday morning sport.

Volvo XC60

Choose the Volvo XC60 and discover a vehicle that surpasses expectations for your family, offering unparalleled comfort, cutting-edge technology, and eco-friendly performance.

Don’t miss out on Solitaire’s limited-time offer of $5,000 cashback and an additional $1,000 accessories pack.

Visit your nearest Volvo dealership today and seize this opportunity to drive home in the XC60 of your dreams:

^$5,000 cash back is available for approved buyers at participating Volvo retailers on new and eligible Volvo MY23 XC60 stock vehicles only. Demonstrators excluded. Not available to fleet, government or rental buyers, or with any other offer. Subject to stock availability. To be eligible for the cash back the eligible vehicle must be in stock, purchased and delivered between 1/4/23 and 30/6/23 and customers must complete a redemption form provided by the Volvo Car retailer at the time of purchase. The cash back amount will be paid by the Volvo Car retailer to the customer named in the vehicle sales contract by way of cheque or direct deposit within 14 days of vehicle registration. The offer and cashback is not transferrable. Volvo Car Australia reserves the right to change or extend this offer.

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