Stop throwing money away and start recycling for good with the help of Direct Collect

Direct Collect recycling scheme
Direct Collect is a bin collection service providing homes and businesses with a dedicated bin for 10¢ refundable bottles, cans and containers. Direct Collect will pick up your bin when it's full and directly deposit your refund into your account or donate it to your choice of participating charity or club!

Every year up to 10,000 tonnes of refundable bottles, cans and containers end up in South Australian landfill, equating to hundreds of thousands of dollars ending up in the trash! A new Adelaide business is ending this trend for good, helping the environment…and your hip pocket.

direct collect adelaide recycling

Did you know?

The average four person household disposes of as many as 250 refundable cans, bottles and containers each month but don’t necessarily have time to get to a recycling depot, instead relying on the yellow curb side council bin.

With the cost of living for families now very real, many householders are looking for ways to supplement their income, for kids to earn pocket money, or to simply put aside a little extra savings each year.

Thanks to Direct Collect, a new service launched in Adelaide, you can now have your cans and bottles collected from your home or business, with cash transferred directly to your bank account or elected charity within 48 hours of pick up.

Direct COllect Recycling service

How does Direct Collect work?

Streamlining recycling across Adelaide, Direct Collect provides a dedicated bin your home or business to fill with 10¢ refundable bottles, cans and containers that—when full—they will collect, take to a depot and provide you with your refund.

  • Sign up and book a bin
  • Choose a preferred collection day
  • When the bin is full, request a collection using an online app
  • The bin is swapped for a fresh empty bin
  • Your refund deposited directly into your nominated bank account or donated to your chosen participating charity or sporting club.


Direct collect app

How is my refund calculated?

The cans and bottles are processed using the Auto Return Terminals system designed and manufactured here in South Australia. The entire counting process is automated, minimising count error; it’s a win for wallets and the planet!

By signing up to the basic plan, you will be eligible for 6 cents per can, or choose the premium plan by paying a one-off $35 fee and receive 7 cents per can therein. If you choose the donation plan, your chosen charity or participating partner will receive the full 10 cents per can.

Now available to Adelaide metro regions, from Willunga to Gawler, stop throwing money away and start recycling for good with Direct Collect!

For more information or to sign up:

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