Nurturing the journey with Adelaide Lactation Consultants, Midwifery and Hypnobirthing

Adelaide Lactation Consultants
Experience the exceptional care and support of Adelaide Lactation Consultants Midwifery & Hypnobirthing, led by the knowledgeable and compassionate Megan, Registered Nurse, Midwife, Hypnobirthing practitioner and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Whether you’re a new mum seeking guidance in your breastfeeding journey or an expectant couple preparing for childbirth, Megan’s services are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Providing comprehensive support for new mums, including lactation consultations to address breastfeeding challenges, with over 25 years of experience Megan offers evidence-based and individualised care, empowering you with practical tips and techniques to establish a strong breastfeeding relationship. Adelaide Lactation Consultants, Midwifery & Hypnobirthing also offers midwifery services from preconception to six weeks postnatal, ensuring holistic care throughout your entire journey.

Megan’s support extends beyond consultations, as she also provides home visits, making it convenient for you to access her services. With Medicare and private health rebates available, you can receive the care you need without additional financial burden.

Experience holistic birthing support

Expectant couples can benefit from Megan’s expertise as a Midwife and Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner offering services to support you both pre- and postnatal. Through in-person or online courses, Megan guides you through the transformative journey of childbirth.


Hypnobirthing, an evidence-based approach, equips you with relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, and effective communication strategies. By learning to release fear and cultivate confidence, you and your partner will approach childbirth with a positive mindset.


Megan’s care extends beyond childbirth preparation, encompassing a range of services to support you throughout your entire birthing experience. With a focus on seamless coordination, Megan collaborates closely with birthing hospitals to ensure a smooth and well-coordinated journey.


To further enhance your postpartum experience, Megan offers comprehensive postnatal packages that span up to six weeks. This valuable support provides continuous assistance during the crucial postpartum period, guiding and empowering you as you transition into parenthood.


Convenience is at the forefront of Megan’s approach. All lactation and midwifery services can be accessed through the comfort of your own home via home visits or live online consultations. This eliminates the need for new families to travel, ensuring that support is easily accessible and readily available.

Megan recognises the unique challenges faced by families residing in rural areas. To address this, she offers a solution that bridges the geographical gap. If country families are birthing in Adelaide, Megan conducts in-person visits prior to their return to their home towns. This is followed by continued midwifery care through online consultations, ensuring that comprehensive and individualised support reaches rural families, regardless of their location.

Whether you require a single appointment in collaboration with your chosen birthing hospital or obstetrician, or prefer comprehensive care that covers your entire pregnancy and postpartum journey, Megan is committed to providing exceptional support tailored to your needs*.

*Home birth services are not currently offered.

Inclusive approach

Choose Megan for comprehensive care that extends beyond childbirth preparation, collaborative coordination with birthing hospitals, postnatal packages for ongoing support, and convenient access to lactation, midwifery and postpartum services. With her dedication and expertise, she aims to make your birthing and postpartum experience as smooth and fulfilling as possible.

Megan’s inclusive approach welcomes partners and support people, recognising the importance of their involvement in your journey. Her commitment to providing exceptional care stems from her passion for helping families navigate the beautiful yet sometimes overwhelming world of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and postpartum care.

Embrace the journey with confidence, knowing that Megan will be there to hold your hand along the way, as your trusted partner, offering evidence-based care, invaluable knowledge, and unwavering support throughout this incredible chapter of your life.

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