The reading revolution at St Raphael’s School

At St Raphael's School, cultivating a love of reading is central to their educational approach. New Principal Emma Fowler emphasises the importance of instilling this passion early on, recognising it as a vital gift for students.

The school’s reading program is woven into daily life, with purpose-built reading spaces and tailored literacy programs to meet each child’s need. They utilise the evidence-based “Science of Reading” approach, covering key areas like phonics, fluency, and comprehension.

Beyond classroom instruction, the school encourages students to explore a range of texts and genres to discover their reading preferences as well as encourage the use of audio books to ensure all children can enjoy the rich language you only experience through books. Parental involvement is encouraged as parents serve as reading role models and are crucial in creating shared reading experiences with their children.

St Raphael’s School is also launching a new “What Happens When I Go to BIG SCHOOL” event series, with the first session focusing on literacy held on May 15th. A second is scheduled for this year focusing on numeracy. 

To register your interest please contact Katrina Tucker at the school:


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