Introducing the new Sturt Grove Farm at Westminster School

westminster development sturt grove farm
Imagine a farm that goes beyond traditional agriculture, providing world-class learning experiences and fostering a thriving community. The new Sturt Grove Farm at Westminster School is set to become a hub for sustainable agriculture, where students will gain invaluable insights into the vital role of technology, science, and design in supporting this industry.

The Sturt Grove Farm will serve as an educational cornerstone, offering students a firsthand understanding of sustainable agriculture. By exploring topics such as environmentally-friendly farming practices, students will develop a deep appreciation for the natural world and gain vital skills for the future.

The Farm’s Vision

The new Sturt Grove Farm will feature a range of innovative facilities designed to support multidisciplinary learning and community engagement. These include:

  1. Three state-of-the-art multidisciplinary classrooms: Inspiring spaces where students can explore the intersection of agriculture, technology, and design.
  2. Outdoor learning and community spaces: Providing opportunities for hands-on experiences and fostering a sense of collaboration and connection with the environment.
  3. Well-equipped wet labs: Equipping students with the tools they need to conduct scientific experiments and explore agricultural research.
  4. Facilities for viticulture, agriculture, and aquaculture: Enabling students to delve into various aspects of the farming industry and gain practical knowledge.
  5. Produce processing area and farm kitchen: Creating a space for students to learn about food production, culinary skills, and farm-to-table concepts.
  6. Shearing facilities: Supporting the development of skills related to animal care and agriculture.
  7. Washdown zone: Ensuring the maintenance and cleanliness of farm equipment and spaces.
  8. Farm shop: Offering a platform for students to learn about entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices.


The new Sturt Grove Farm at Westminster School represents a transformative opportunity for the students and community.

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