The importance of a strong beginning

St Aloysius College, Abby Matte - Primary Coordinator
St Aloysius College has a proud, 144-year history of educating girls, with graduates trail-blazing the way for women in a range of fields, and who carry themselves confidently as leaders steeped in the values of Courage, Respect, Justice, Compassion, Hospitality and Service.

WORDS: Abby Matte, Primary Coordinator, St Aloysius College

From Early Years learning, right through to Year 12, staff at St Aloysius College are committed to building relationships with our students’ and their families, so that they feel supported to achieve their goals.

St Aloyisus College - Playgroup

SAC Playgroup

Our playgroup was launched earlier this year and we’ve seen rich connections develop between the families, caregivers, children and staff who participate. The playgroup is open to all children from infancy to school-age. Our Early Years teacher and playgroup facilitator, Olivia Spadavecchia, crafts a warm and inviting atmosphere with holistic indoor and outdoor activities, where children are free to learn, explore and play. The playgroup takes place from 9am-10:30am every Thursday in the in College’s historic Cloisters area, and it’s a great way for parents who are considering sending their daughter to SAC from Reception to get to know the teachers who will be supporting their child through their important Early Years learning.

Reception transition

St Aloysius College was established by The Sisters of Mercy, and the contemporary College Values reflect those imparted by the Sisters. Catherine McAuley, Foundress of The Sisters of Mercy, was herself a courageous forerunner who used her life to empower others. Catherine said, “a good beginning is of great importance,” and that, “we should be as shining lamps giving light to all around.”

These statements are brought to life in the ways that we welcome families at St Aloysius College, and indeed, provide a good beginning for new students. The values and tradition of Mercy are also nurtured within students throughout their schooling. We understand that choosing a school for your young daughter is a big responsibility, but we strive to ensure girls have a smooth transition process into Reception. We also offer the option of Mid-Year Reception enrolment, enabling girls to complete their foundational year across six terms, rather than the traditional four, as a gentle introduction to school life.

Our Reception transition program, which consists of three sessions, allows the girls to be immersed in aspects of school life before starting full days in the classroom. Reception teachers and school staff facilitate engaging activities during playtimes and also maintain a warm and welcoming presence in the yard before and after school, fostering the rich sense of community we are proud of at St Aloysius College. We understand that students’ first teachers are their parents and caregivers, and that we can work together to provide the support girls need to thrive.

St Aloyisus College, SiA Sisters

Support in action – SiA Sisters

SiA Sisters is a unique program whereby one Reception student is buddied up with two Year 6 students. They bond over activities in the classroom that help Receptions to build foundational skills in core learning areas, but the Year 6 students are also friends that the Receptions can reach out to in the school yard. Although it is a formal school program, SiA Sisters enables the growth of genuine connections and friendships that are carried into later schooling years.

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