Discover the Steiner Stream at Trinity Gardens School

The Steiner Stream at Trinity Gardens School offers a whole-child approach to learning that strives to foster the unique individuality of each student.

As parents, we all dream of our children growing up to be confident, creative, and fulfilled individuals. But have you ever wondered, “Who is your child meant to be?” What strengths and skills lie within them, like seeds waiting to be nurtured? If you’re looking for an educational approach that values the uniqueness of each child, fosters creativity, and encourages holistic development, the Steiner Stream at Trinity Gardens School might just be the answer.

A unique approach to education: Steiner at Trinity Gardens School

Steiner education is a whole-child approach that recognizes children as unique individuals with distinct needs, interests, and ways of learning. Trinity Gardens School’s Steiner Stream offers a balanced alternative for a modern, well-rounded education. Since its establishment in 2006, the Stream has flourished, providing classes from Reception to Year 6.

Holistic learning environment

At Trinity Gardens School, the Steiner Stream is dedicated to providing a holistic learning environment that nurtures the “head, heart, and hands.” This integrated approach ensures that students engage in artistic, academic, and active pursuits, fostering deep learning and understanding. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to meet the developmental stages of learners, promoting a sense of wonder and reverence for the world.

Urban oasis: Portrush Forest

What sets Trinity Gardens School apart is its urban forest, Portrush Forest, a haven for imaginative play and authentic, hands-on learning. This unique feature offers students opportunities for free play and exploration, connecting them with nature in the midst of a metropolitan setting.

Community and celebrations

The Steiner Stream community at Trinity Gardens School is not just an educational environment; it’s a supportive and involved community. Families regularly come together to celebrate seasonal festivals, building a sense of wonder and connection with the cycles of nature. This collaborative spirit extends to the classroom, creating strong bonds between students, teachers, and parents.

Enriching experiences: Craft, music, and more

Students in the Steiner Stream at Trinity Gardens School enjoy dedicated craft and music lessons, including string instrument instruction as part of their class learning. These experiences contribute to a well-rounded education that goes beyond traditional academics, fostering creativity and self-expression.

Open to all: Non-zoned and welcoming

Unlike some educational options, the Steiner Stream at Trinity Gardens School is non-zoned and welcomes applications from students across Adelaide. This inclusivity reflects the commitment to providing a unique and enriching educational experience for all.

Values that shape character

The Steiner Stream at Trinity Gardens School is dedicated to fostering the human spirit in children, providing a holistic learning environment, and encouraging moral growth, social consciousness, and citizenship. Grounded in values of gratitude, responsibility, collaboration, inclusivity, diversity, and initiative, the Steiner Stream aims to instill a deep appreciation of each individual’s place in the world.

Your child’s journey begins here

Whether you’re seeking an alternative to mainstream education or simply exploring new approaches to learning, the Trinity Gardens School Steiner Stream offers a unique and enriching experience. With a focus on hands-on learning, storytelling, music, art, and community-building, the Stream prepares students for a successful and fulfilling life.

Applications are open, and the Trinity Gardens School Steiner Stream eagerly awaits the opportunity to show you their holistic approach to education.

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