Star Academy has announced NEW Mini Stars, Babies and Toddler Classes!

Combining movement, music and sensory Star Academy‘s new Mini Stars will aim to develop your little one’s confidence, imagination, coordination and rhythm.

Parents and caregivers can be a part of the fun too, joining in on classes to help and support the children’s learning!

Not sure if your little one is born to dance? To see if they want to get into the swing of things Star Academy is inviting you to their Mini Stars Open Day on Tuesday the 12th of February. Come for a complimentary session for you and your child!

There will be 2 classes on offer:
– The “Mini Munchkins” class for 6 month olds – crawling age is 10am – 10.45am.
– The “Mini Movers” for toddlers – 2 and half is 11am – 11.45am.

All children attending the open day sessions will receive a special “First Mini Stars” session certificate and a small gift!

Mini Munchkins Class

Little ones from 6 months old are provided with lots of opportunities for safe exploration with colour, music and movement in the “Mini Munchkins” program!

Carers provide an essential role in the class as they guide, support and nature their small children through the program.

There is an emphasis on props, toys and storytelling in a relaxed and welcoming environment helping to build little one’s confidence to explore more and learn! It gives a positive introduction to the routine of a structured activity while also providing children with lots of fun and laughter and bonding with their carer.

Mini Movers Class

A magical, colourful and exciting introduction to the world of dance and music! Todlers experience jazz and ballet dance techanique through an inspired curriculum creted specifically for their developmental needs. You’ll never miss a step as parents/care givers attend each class to support and encourage their little ones.

Mini Movers develop their dance and rhythm in a series of structured yet relaxed sessions with music, singing, props and imaginative play. Our activities support children’s coorindation, strength and flexibility while also encouraging confidence, creativity, language development and social skills. This program also segways intot the Star Academy ‘Fairy Ballet’ and ‘Funky Dance’ classes which are attended by children once they are ready for a more formal dance class.

Open day RSVP’s to!

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