St Peter’s Woodlands inclusive education approach

At St Peter’s Woodlands, developing confident and resilient learners is central to the school’s core values.

A commitment to Inclusive Education celebrates diversity and ensures every child has the opportunity to thrive. Led by Tina Day, St Peter’s Woodlands’ Head of Inclusive Education, the dedicated team—including a school psychologist, instructional coach, and intervention specialists—works tirelessly to create an environment where all students feel valued and supported.

Before students start school, the team builds a holistic picture of their abilities, crafting individualised learning plans for a smooth transition into school life. St Peter’s Woodlands’ Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) monitors progress from Early Learning to Year 6, allowing the team to identify and address any challenges promptly. Support (intervention) may include programs delivered in-class by classroom teachers or ESOs, out of class programs delivered by intervention specialists, or perhaps referral to one of the many Allied Health professionals who provide therapy support on-site at SPW.

Beyond academics, SPW prioritises social and emotional development. School psychologist Stephanie Eustice actively engages with students, fostering relationships crucial for wellbeing. The school’s lunchtime Hub offers a supportive space for children needing a break from the schoolyard’s demands, further illustrating a comprehensive support system.

Inclusive Education at SPW isn’t just a policy; it’s a culture. By addressing the diverse needs of students, the school ensures each one knows they are a valued member of the community, empowering them to become independent, lifelong learners.

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