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St Dominic's Priory College
At St Dominic's Priory College, we understand the importance of educating for the future. We recognise the need to equip girls and young women to excel in the fields of Science, Design & Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to inspire creativity, foster real-world problem-solving skills, and provide mentorship from professionals in their field.

Our Futures journey starts in the primary years, where students are introduced to Dash Robotics. Using iPads, our young learners program Dash Robots to complete tasks, from navigating through mazes to performing scripted plays. These exercises not only offer an interactive learning experience but also lay the groundwork for computational thinking and teamwork.

As girls progress into their middle and secondary years, they are exposed to a range of disciplines, including Architecture, Photography, and Programming. Focussing on relevant global issues, students apply their skills to solve equity and social justice problems. For instance, in architecture classes, girls draft designs; addressing environmental, or community needs and view their solutions through virtual reality technologies.

By Year 12, students’ progress to Design Technology and Engineering courses, where they are tasked with creating solutions for real-world challenges. Here, theoretical knowledge and practical skills converge, helping students emerge as proficient problem solvers.

We make it a priority to connect our students with role models and experts in their fields. Throughout the year, we engage and connect with universities and participate in various workshops. A special emphasis is given to events focusing on women in Science, Design & Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This inspires and celebrates the potential of girls and women.

At St Dominic’s Priory College, we are architects of the future; educating girls, inspiring confidence.

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Limited places available for Reception and Year 5 2024 + 2025.



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