Primary School Education Reimagined at Seymour

Seymour College believes in the intelligence of every student, ensuring they thrive through the support and differentiation offered within their unique Junior School small group teaching and learning model. We find out more about the Junior School small group model at Seymour and how it benefits the girls.

No one is born with a “maths brain” and no one is born without one. 

Seymour College believes in the intelligence of every student, ensuring they thrive through the support and differentiation offered within their unique Junior School small group teaching and learning model. This innovative approach to primary school education is underpinned by the latest neuroscience surrounding brain flexibility and plasticity.

This research has shown the incredible capacity of brains to grow and change in a really short space of time. Head of Junior School, Katharyn Cullen, firmly believes that,

“any differences students are born with are transcended by a teacher’s belief in their potential, their exposure to explicit teaching and the laying of strong foundations in English and Mathematics from as early as Reception. Our students respond to positive messages about their potential and ability. Therefore our approach to teaching and learning is underpinned by our belief in the intelligence of each and every one of our learners.”

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Improving the achievement of girls

A clear way of improving achievement and promoting equity as we future-proof girls, is to broaden the number of students who are given high level opportunities. Uniquely to Seymour’s Junior School, this is achieved through an individualised, targeted, supported, and connected small group model with specialist English and Mathematics teachers.

Research states that any form of small-grouping whether teacher-selected or mixed ability – is better than the traditional ‘whole class instruction’. Seymour Junior School girls work in small English and Mathematics groups for extended periods of time every day.

“Individual growth and student success are monitored closely, with small groups ensuring that no child falls through the cracks or goes under the radar. Our girls are challenged, supported, and learning for extended periods of time, because we know that’s how girls learn best,” says Katharyn.

To learn more about the benefits of Seymour’s small group model on girls’ learning, we asked the Seymour girls

“I really love learning in small groups! It helps me ask questions easily and quickly!”

“They are small, and you can focus on what you need to work on.”

“l am learning lots more.”

“I feel so comfortable and that my teachers will always care about me.”

“My group is quiet because there are not many people so the teacher can listen to me individually.”

“It means that we can have one-on-one learning.”

“My teacher can focus on everyone.”


Seymour’s unique small group model puts GIRLS first, right from the beginning. It builds strong academic foundations, setting girls up for a future of success, and options. Underpinned by a culture of kindness and friendship, Seymour girls just simply love school!

It’s all in the PREParation

As the springboard for their innovative teaching and learning model, Seymour College offers an exciting boutique Prep Program for 4-year-old girls. The carefully crafted curriculum develops each girl’s knowledge, identity, connection and wellbeing. Students engage in a range of early literacy and numeracy activities providing solid foundations and preparation for the commencement of school. This is achieved through intentional teaching moments, hands- on activities, play, investigations and trial and error. The Prep teachers identify specific opportunities unique to each child to challenge, collaborate, encourage and explain early literacy and numeracy concepts.

Seymour Prep, Reception and Year 1 students love:

• Taking part in instrumental lessons with lots of girls choosing violin or piano lessons from as early as 4 years old.
• Being involved in our French Enrichment Pathway. Currently, 11 Reception students benefit from learning a third language (Chinese lessons are already built into the timetable)
• Lunchtime Drama lessons, or after school Gym, Ballet or even Highland Dancing

To find out more about Seymour’s exciting and innovative Junior School, please contact Sally Penn:
8303 9000

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