Introduce your preschooler to music with Open Music Academy

Have you noticed your little one tapping their toes to an invisible beat or humming along to their own tune?

Well, that adorable inclination is more than just cute – it’s the beginning of a beautiful journey into the world of music. Introducing your child to music isn’t merely about fostering the next musical prodigy; it’s about instilling lifelong skills that will enrich their lives.

So, how can you kindle that musical spark in your little maestro? Look no further, as Open Music Academy’s group classes are here to guide your young Beethoven on a harmonious adventure. Tailored for the 3-5 age group, these interactive sessions go beyond mere note-learning; they create an environment of smiles and skill development.

Studies suggest that early exposure to music is akin to nourishing the growing brain. Singing, playing, and moving to the rhythm not only make for precious moments but also strengthen crucial neural pathways, giving your child a head start in:

  • Confidence: Through group activities and positive reinforcement, Open Music Academy helps your little one grow and believe in their own abilities
  • Creativity: Their curriculum encourages mini maestros to experiment, improvise, and express themselves musically, nurturing their creative spirit
  • Memory: Musical games and exercises enhance memory skills, laying a solid foundation for future learning adventures


Open Music Academy’s group class isn’t just a music lesson; it’s a symphony of fun and learning. Their skilled music educators lead the way with:

  • Engaging Activities: Silly songs, lively rhythms, and exploration of different instruments, all while making lasting friendships!
  • Age-Appropriate Curriculum: Tailored for the little ones, their program fosters musical development while considering their cognitive and physical abilities
  • Nurturing Environment: We focus on joy, discovery, and self-expression, creating a positive and supportive space for every child to shine


Imagine your child confidently singing a solo, exploring the xylophone, or sharing their musical creations with newfound friends. Open Music Academy isn’t just about learning notes; it’s about witnessing the joy of self-expression, the thrill of teamwork, and the magic of creating something beautiful together.

Special Offer Alert! Dive into the melody with a 10% off offer for any group class, including trials. Be quick, though – their classes have capacity limits, so don’t miss out on this musical opportunity! This offer is valid until March 30, so let the musical journey begin! Use discount code – OMA10

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