Go beyond the notes at Open Music Academy

Music is more than instrumental lessons and at Open Music Academy they understand well; with lots to choose from there is something on their program for every child.

As parents, we recognise the pivotal role that music plays in our children’s growth and development. The journey into the world of music education can sometimes feel overwhelming, with instrumental lessons often taking center stage. However, the Open Music Academy (OMA) offers a unique approach that goes beyond mere instrument instruction, presenting a holistic program designed to foster a range of essential skills vital for a child’s overall growth and school preparedness.

Comprehensive musical development

OMA’s mission is rooted in providing a well-rounded music education that delves into all aspects of a child’s musical development. The academy offers diverse learning opportunities, including musicianship classes, personalised instrument instruction, ensemble collaboration, and regular performance practice.

Beyond music: Developing essential life skills

Learning music at OMA goes beyond notes and melodies; it engages overall development, enhancing social and language skills. Dance and movement activities improve large motor skills, while learning finger plays and playing musical instruments refine small motor skills.

Musicianship classes

Musicianship classes at OMA serve as a crucial link, moving beyond the mechanical aspects of playing an instrument to comprehending the language of music. Fun and engaging, these classes encompass music theory, listening skills, writing, and performance, facilitating swift progress in musical proficiency.

Early childhood music education

OMA recognises the importance of early exposure to music and offers group music classes tailored for children aged 3-5 years. Through singing, play, and movement, these classes introduce musical concepts while simultaneously developing social, language, and motor skills.

Ensemble opportunities

Playing music in groups, whether in rock bands, chamber groups, or school stage bands, offers numerous benefits for a child’s musical development. OMA provides ensemble opportunities from the outset, with most groups welcoming musicians with as little as four terms of experience.

Cultivating fearless musicians

OMA’s overarching mission is to cultivate fearless musicians by providing a solid foundation that encompasses more than just instrumental or vocal skills. The academy aims to foster resilience, creativity, and a lifelong love for artistic expression.

Open Music Academy stands out as a leader in the realm of music education, offering a comprehensive program that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of instrumental lessons. As parents, being aware of these diverse opportunities allows us to tailor our children’s musical journey to suit their unique needs, ensuring not only musical proficiency but a well-rounded development that extends far beyond the notes on a page.

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