No phones, now what?

"No phones now what?" Perhaps this was a question that flashed through the minds of many students late last year. Now this is rarely a question.

The impact of no mobile phones in the school yard in particular, has led to the need for alternative options for students. Lunchtime clubs, the use of the library spaces and equipment borrowing from the sports shed have always been highly utilised. But what else could there be? What else could this prime opportunity provide to increase both outdoor play and physical activity? Both being outdoors and/or engaging in physical activity, have well researched and well known positive social and emotional and physical health benefits. 

At Endeavour College, this opportunity has been seized upon with the addition of outdoor and activity based options for a range of ability and interest levels. The playground is currently being upgraded to include a bouldering wall and climbing apparatus. The outdoor table tennis tables have been enormously popular as a fun and social activity regardless of your skill level. If volleyball is your thing, a new more permanent volleyball net and court has been added to one of the grassed areas. These options have already reaped many benefits for students, with more ideas and options being considered all of the time. 

“No phones? Now what?” – not even a thought!

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