EYE SPY: Blue Dolphin Swim Centre

At KIDDO we are always keeping an eye out for great local businesses for kids and families. This week we spied Blue Dolphin Swim Centre and we’d like to tell you all about it!

Blue Dolphin Swim Centre is a privately owned, family oriented swim centre and school that has provided swimming lessons to babies, toddlers and children in the local Adelaide community since 1986. The centre’s focus is to create a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere for teaching children and babies of all ages the efficient swimming techniques, water survival skills and what it means to be safer in the water.

It can be daunting sending your little one to swimming lessons if they aren’t yet competent in the water. However the staff at Blue Dolphin are as welcoming and friendly as can be! More importantly they are all professionally qualified in a range of aquatic areas. The centre offers an extensive swimming education program for all different capabilities. Instructor qualifications include Austswim, World Aquatics, Swim Australia Teacher Qualification and Royal Life Saving, making Blue Dolphin’s swimming education offerings some of the best in the state.

We spoke to Blue Dolphin Swim Centre to learn more! 

How is learning to swim more than just a life skill?

Learning to swim not only keeps you safer around water but it gives children an opportunity to keep fit along with the ability to enjoy other aquatic sports in the future such as surfing, sailing or scuba diving.

Our mission statement is building happy, healthy and confident kids all year round. The milestones that children achieve in the water are really important to help them feel accomplished and confident which follows through into their lives outside of the water.

Another added benefit is that it enhances their ability to learn and improve their physical development. As swimming is a complex skill that involves both physical and cognitive skills, research has proven that learning to swim gives children an advantage when it comes to their early childhood development.

How do you achieve such a family centric vibe in your swim centre?

We actively encourage parental participation, particularly with our younger kids until they progress into the learn to swim program. We also ensure our facility has the whole family in mind when it comes to making the customer’s experience as easy and as comfortable as possible.

What is the history of the centre? Is Blue Dolphin a family run local Adelaide business?

Our centre began back in 1992 from a leased pool and has always been a family business. The centre as it stands today at Happy Valley was purpose built in 2001 and continues to go from strength to strength. Over the years we’ve proudly taught thousands of children to swim and educated as many families.

What makes Blue Dolphin the leading baby swim program in SA?

Through extensive research both in Australia and overseas, we’ve implemented a progressive skill based program that results in children being able to swim.

We are proud to be able to deliver our own nationally recognised infant aquatics program. As such we are able to qualify our own teachers with the infant aquatics certification.

How does Blue Dolphin cater to different age groups and capabilities?

We set ourselves apart by offering a skills based program that begins from 2 months right through to 16 years. Being competency based this means that there are no age restrictions to being able to learn to swim. This enables children to learn at their own pace whether it be quick or slow.

What makes Blue Dolphin more appealing over other centres of swim programs?

First of all the quality of our program and our commitment to progression. Having a senior teacher in the water means that we are able to consistently monitor, develop and grade both our children and teachers.

Because we understand the pressures that life can present we offer unlimited makeup lessons so that children are not missing out on vital practice.

Our shiver free UV sanitised pool also means that our water quality is not only more comfortable but always crystal clean and clear.

We aim to make our customer experience as easy as possible. From ample car parking to our friendly customer service team. Our customers are also able to purchase a quality coffee so they can relax and enjoy watching their children glide through the water as they have fun learning to swim.

Why we love Blue Dolphin Swim Centre

Award winning Swim Centre ✔️
Times that suit you: Morning, Afternoon and Evening Sessions ✔️
Focus on Fun and Safety ✔️
Classes up to 16 years ✔️
Adelaide’s leading baby swim program ✔️
Holiday swim program ✔️
Warm UV Sanitised Swimming Pool ✔️

How Ultra Violet Filtration works: 

The installation of UV Light Filtration was a large investment by Blue Dolphin Swim Centre.

As the centre’s water circulates through their sanitisation plant, it passes under the UV Lights. At this point all bacteria is killed by the UV rays and then a small quantity of chlorine (Health Regulations requirement) is automatically added to the water to combat any pollutants entering the water from the plant room back to the filters.

Ultra Violet light is similar to using the rays of the sun for water purification and presents no danger to users.

Blue Dolphin is equipped with the most modern UV Treatment System available, ensuring the best quality environment for your child to swim in. The result is a sparkling clean pool that does not have the undesirable traits of a chlorine only pool, such as sore eyes, smell in the air and on the skin caused by chloramines.


Little Ones
2-4 months
Blue Dolphins FREE Little Ones program for 2-4 month olds

Baby Dolphins
4 months – 3 years old
Adelaide’s leading baby program which is both nationally and internationally recognised.

Kinder Dolphins
3 to 5 years old
Designed for 3-5 year olds to develop their water skills in a relaxed, fun filled and friendly environment.

Learn to Swim
3 to 16 years old
Committed to teaching your child efficient swimming and water safety skills in a fun and educational atmosphere

Further develop your child’s swimming skills by teaching them advanced swimming techniques and introduce them to competitive racing techniques.

Sensory Splash
4 mths to 5 years
Explore activities that stimulate your young child’s senses through safe aquatic play.

12 years through to Seniors
Blue Dolphin Swim Centre provides Aquatic Fitness through many types of Aquafit classes.

Find Out more on Blue Dolphin Youtube:




184 Chandlers Hill Road
Happy Valley
South Australia, 5159

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