The Difference is Extraordinary at St Peter’s Woodlands

St Peter's Woodlands, Adelaide
Education at St Peter’s Woodlands is a rare and inspirational experience dedicated to children aged two to twelve years old.

Since 1999 the School has been championing early years and primary education, providing an inclusive and nurturing learning experience. St Peter’s Woodlands is a community where young, inquisitive minds are encouraged to grow and children can thrive in an environment dedicated to their individual learning needs.

In addition to a research based and differentiated pedagogical approach, St Peter’s Woodlands also offer a range of additional opportunities for students who are identified as gifted in recognition of the need for these students to be given the opportunity to work with like-minded peers at a pace and complexity designed specifically for them.

st peters woodlands students

Through the implementation of a variety of differentiated teaching strategies St Peter’s Woodlands are committed to providing quality Enrichment Programs supported by trained teaching staff.

St Peter’s Woodlands understand that choosing the right primary school for your child is one of life’s most important investments. You are invited to discover why St Peter’s Woodlands is the best choice for your child, now and into the future.

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