Emali Early Learning Centres: Welcome to a world of imagination

With purpose-built facilities, dedicated sensory spaces, nutritious meals cooked daily, a variety of extra-curricular programs and more, children love going to Emali Early Learning Centres.

Leading South Australia with their holistic approach to providing safe, high-quality early learning experiences for young children, Emali offers a supportive, inclusive place of belonging for families of Adelaide.

Local people, inspiring the children shaping our future

We all want our children to have the opportunity to thrive and grow. The dedication to providing this opportunity is what sets Emali apart. Being South Australian owned and operated, Emali Early Learning Centre is a privately owned early learning group providing care and programs for children from 6 weeks to 5 years as they learn through play and prepare for school.

Emali set out with a vision of creating an inclusive environment where children feel safe, seen and heard. Part of this vision is their commitment to empowering children and facilitating child-led learning. “We see young children as valuable people within the community and embrace their unique ways of learning about the world around them,” Emali Salisbury Director, Natasha says. “By listening to the children’s voice, we understand their individual interests and can implement this into practical and fun learning experiences within our curriculum that is supported by the Early Years Learning Framework.”

Experience more with extra-curricular programs at Emali

Each Emali Early Learning Centre creates experiences which focus on setting the foundations for lifelong learning through play. A key way this is provided is through planned excursions, in-house activities and their extensive, complimentary extra-curricular programs.

The experiences set up for the children are as bespoke as each centre itself. There are regular Music & Movement classes, a Sports & Activity program, cooking lessons and more. Emali Salisbury has taken it one step further by building their neighbouring ‘Emali Swim School’, offering water safety & swimming lessons to children during day care hours. It’s this extra level of consideration for what families need in a time-poor world that sets Emali apart. Each Emali centre is uniquely designed to cater to families through their programs provided and learning experiences for the children. Emali Littlehampton, for example, incorporates an on-site barn with farm animals for the children to interact with at the centre each day plus facilitates bush kindy into their preschool program. Likewise, Emali Brighton works to provide beach kindy into their preschool program.

A quick visit to the Emali Instagram or Facebook pages provides even more examples of the fun activities and learning opportunities that the children are invited to participate in.

Preschool at Emali helps your children become school-ready

Emali offers a Preschool program in a long-daycare setting, convenient for working families. This also allows for a smooth transition as the child grows, allowing them the opportunity to become school ready while maintaining the familiar learning environment supported by a consistent daily routine.

Qualified Early Childhood Teachers lead Emali’s kindergarten program at each centre, focusing on incorporating foundations of the school-based curriculum into age-appropriate learning experiences. “Our qualified teachers and educators draw from a variety of educational theories to create a holistic approach to early learning,” says Emali Underdale Director, Trish. “For example, our kindergarten children this year have had a lot of interest in topics that relate to STEM based school subjects, so we have arranged excursions to the National Railway Museum to learn about locomotives and how they work. Even earlier this year the children explored different materials through microscopes during National Science Week.”

It doesn’t end at their programs and facilities though. The team strives to provide every kind of support for children to grow and be their best selves. Emali collaborates with Motivate Kids, hosting in-house Occupational Therapists to observe and provide an extra level of support to Emali educators and teachers so that they can set up learning environments that are suitable to each child and their individual needs. Taking it a step further, all newly built Emali centres include dedicated sensory rooms, based on Occupational Therapist expertise, creating a space for children to learn how to self-regulate their emotions or develop other skillsets in a safe environment.

Nutritional meals cooked fresh every day

Taking a holistic approach to providing high-quality care and development opportunities at Emali even extends to the snacks and meals, prepared daily by in-house cooks at each centre. Emali worked with fellow locals, Riviera Bakery, creating a specially made bread recipe that caters to the allergy and nutritional needs of young children. They also work closely with Tony & Marks to source high-quality, fresh produce to prepare all meals with. Meal times at Emali are also used as an extension to cooking lessons, educating children about food and nutrition, teaching independence and helping them develop the basics for life-long cooking skills as well as a healthy relationship with food.

A place of belonging, a world of imagination

With 9 Emali Early Learning Centres locally owned and operated in locations around South Australia, and more on the way, there is a strong, established connection to our community. Each centre values their relationships with families, local businesses and service providers. This has contributed to the creation of a unique and inclusive place for children and families of all cultures and backgrounds, seeing Emali become a valued extension of the family home.

With enrolments now open for children from 6 weeks old through to Preschool, now is a great time to book a tour of your local Emali Early Learning Centre.

Emali, Welcome to a world of imagination.

For more information, to find your nearest Emali and to book a tour:



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