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Welcome to Educate issue #3 by KIDDO. The team behind KIDDO has created EDUCATE to put some of the best and brightest opportunities in SA education in the spotlight. So that families have access to a comprehensive look at what options there are to choose from when making the big decisions around schooling for our important little (and not so little) people! 


A wise woman once said ‘the days are long, but the years are short’ and as we head into the second half of 2022 in what has felt like the blink of an eye, this feels inordinately true. The years of childhood we have to spend with our families are short, and over 30 hours a week are spent at school for our primary and secondary aged children. Life is for learning, as well as for living, and with each day we hope to imbue in our children the ability and the enthusiasm to become lifelong learners both in and outside of the classroom.

In this issue, we shine a spotlight on the importance of what happens outside of the classroom; in the big, wide and wonderful world. We talk to Simon from award winning Climbing Tree Creations about the opportunities provided in nature for children to explore, notice and wonder, and the significance of creating spaces within schools for children that will give them these opportunities. The team from Nature Play SA have also taken us on a deep dive into the invaluable rich and tactile experience offered in MUD… yes, mud!

As always, in EDUCATE, we aim to help you see the wood for the trees (both literally and figuratively in this issue) when making decisions regarding education. We want our children to move mountains, so we need to offer them the chance to get out of their chairs.

Charlotte x



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