Cluey Learning gives away free personalised haircuts for school students

Get a free back-to-school haircut for your kiddo thanks to Cluey Learning! Let your child choose their own personalised haircut in time for Term 1 thanks to Cluey Learning – Australia’s leading personalised online tutoring service.

Every student wants that fresh fade for the first day of a new school year, or at the very least to say sayonara to their split ends ahead of starting the term.

Well, kiddos can start the year ready to be a cut above in more ways than one, with online tutoring service Cluey Learning offering free back-to-school haircuts for school-age kids via Just Cuts hairdressing salons, nationwide.

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Cluey recognises that every student has a unique personality and approach to learning, which is why they tailor their tutoring to the learning needs of each student.

To raise awareness around the importance of personalised experiences, whether that’s something as routine as a haircut or as fundamental as how children learn, Cluey have teamed up with Just Cuts to say bye bye to bowl cuts by giving away free, personalised haircuts for school-age kids across Australia.

Cluey Learning

During the pandemic, online schooling highlighted to Australian parents just how much the curriculum has changed since they were in school. Parents had new insight into the way that their children learn and many identified clear learning gaps.

Cluey Learning research found that 88% of parents felt their child could do with more individualised attention at school and 90% agreed that now more than ever, kids need additional learning support.

Cluey’s online platform delivers a personalised experience that is mapped to the Australian school curriculum. Students’ individual needs are matched to over 1600 tutors and tutoring is offered online in private face-to-face or small group settings. Cluey uses a variety of digital technology to aid performance and delivery of the Australian National Curriculum and to complement learning that is taking place within the classroom.

Cluey Learning’s Chief Learning Officer, Dr Selina Samuels says:

“We all live in a highly personalised world, yet we don’t demand the same for our children’s learning. You wouldn’t expect your child to have the same hairstyle as every other student in their school, and you can’t expect them to be identical learners.

Moreover, research and the experience of learning from home has shown us the importance of responding to the individual learning needs of each student.

It’s important to take the time to reflect on the current learning needs of your children ahead of the ‘back to school’ period. To offer parents a helping hand during this busy and expensive time of the year, we’ve partnered with Just Cuts – the largest hairdressing company in the Southern Hemisphere. We hope this initiative draws attention to the benefits of personalisation in every aspect of our lives, of course for haircuts, but more importantly, for our children’s learning.”

School children who take up the offer of a free back-to-school haircut will also receive 20% off Cluey.

Be Quick! These offers will be “snipped” up by parents nationwide!

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