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From the hallways of primary schools to bustling high school corridors, the challenges of mastering essential English and Math skills can leave any parent feeling overwhelmed. The Grattan Institute’s recent report revealed that 20% of students often require additional learning support beyond the classroom to develop foundational literacy and numeracy skills.

Before you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle, this is where small-group tutoring steps in as a game-changer, with tailored programs and personalised attention helping students unlock their full potential.

Here’s a look at how small-group tutoring can benefit your child, and what Kip McGrath is doing differently.

The power of small-group tutoring


Small-group tutoring works wonders by maintaining a small student-to-teacher ratio, allowing for individual attention while mirroring the classroom environment.

The advantages:

  • Personalised experience: Small groups ensure individual attention and customised learning programs
  • Active participation: In a group setting, students actively participate, building confidence and a sense of belonging
  • Continuous feedback: Tutors monitor progress closely, providing constructive feedback and identifying areas for improvement
  • Proven results: Small-group tutoring can boost student learning by an average of four months per year, according to the latest review by Evidence for Learning


Kip McGrath: Transforming learning since 1976

Kip McGrath Programs are designed to cater to your child’s specific needs and learning style. The journey begins with a complimentary ability assessment, followed by weekly tutoring sessions that focus on both individual attention and independent learning.

With the option for in-person or online tutoring, or a blend of both, Kip McGrath ensures every student can access high-quality education. Progress updates and ongoing communication keep parents informed every step of the way.

The importance of early assessment

As the school year approaches, a crucial step often overlooked is an English and Maths learning assessment. These assessments provide vital insights into your child’s academic journey and set the stage for a successful school year.

The best time for tutoring

  • Early Years: For some, picking up the basics can take time. Tutoring can bridge the gap and lay a solid foundation
  • Transitions: Whether transitioning to junior school or high school, additional support can help the journey
  • Before exams: Ahead of important exams, tutoring can offer the extra boost students need


From bridging learning gaps to boosting confidence, small-group tutoring is a proven method that delivers results. With Kip McGrath’s individualised approach and commitment to excellence, your child can catch up, keep up, and reach their full potential.

So why wait? Book a learning assessment today and set your child on the path to success!

Kip McGrath Education Centre
Christina (year 9) and Chloe (year 6)

Inside the Kip McGrath classroom

We spoke with Kip McGrath Holdfast Bay students Christina and Chloe to learn more about their experience.

What do you like about tutoring at Kip McGrath?

Christina: Our tutor Mark helps us understand the things we don’t know. When we are stressed he helps us to calm down and think things through. I did not like maths when I started, but it’s okay now, not scary.

Chloe: I ask lots of questions and Mark always helps. I have nearly caught up!

How has tutoring helped you with schoolwork?

Christina: Definitely, I went from a C to a B and then a B to an A!

Chloe: I am able to do things before my friends; it’s like I think better now.

What do you like about small group tutoring?

Christina: One to one tutoring is so awkward. This is much better; we know each other and laugh a lot, it doesn’t feel so serious.

Chloe: This is always fun as I know everyone. If it was just me I would not like it at all.

Are you more confident in maths now than you were before tutoring?

Christina: Lots. Algebra is still confusing, but not so much, I’m starting to get it. Everything else makes sense.

Chloe: Yep, I know I can do it now, even if it’s something new.

If you had a friend who was struggling at school, would you suggest Kip McGrath?

Christina: I tell everyone about Kip! Mark should start a school, it’s so much easier here!

Chloe: I didn’t, but I do now. It’s still kind of like school, but it’s not, I don’t even know I’m learning!

Group tutoring fosters a collaborative learning environment where each child not only participates but also encourages and learns from their peers. They assist each other in solving various problems encountered in their studies. Moreover, this approach can significantly enhance children’s skills in independent learning, teamwork, and communication.

The relaxed atmosphere and humour of the teachers really seems to make a difference. The kids are genuinely more interested in learning and they actually enjoy going to classes.

– Jenny, Christina and Chloe’s mum

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