Autism Inclusion Teachers to be in every public primary school from 2023

autism inclusion teachers sa
The Department for Education South Australia has announced a $28.8 million investment to appoint an Autism Inclusion Teacher in every public primary school (including reception to year 12 schools) from 2023.

Autism Inclusion Teachers will:

  • drive improved practise relating to autism that works for the school
  • provide support to fellowteachers on how to best support and educate students with autism


autism inclusion teachers sa

This is one of several initiatives being implemented to improve support for children and students with autism, with these roles ready for Term 1, 2023.

Appointing an Autism Inclusion Teacher in every primary school will support children and young people with autism to have the best start to their schooling. The department will monitor the outcomes of the Autism Inclusion Teacher initiative to inform any future expansion of the role, including for high schools.

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