Australia’s Best Maths Teacher Has Been awarded!

Congratulations to Walford Mathematics teacher, Ms Deb Woodard-Knight!!

Ms Deb Woodard-Knight, has been crowned Australia’s Most Outstanding Mathematics Teacher by the Australian Mathematical Science Institute. At a ceremony in Melbourne last Friday Deb was presented the Award which “recognises an exemplary and innovative teacher who has been instrumental in encouraging students to continue with their study of Mathematics.”

Deb has taught at Walford for the past two years predominantly teaching girls in Year 11 and 12, in both SACE and IB courses.  Deb is absolutely passionate about encouraging girls to continue to pursue Specialist Mathematics at school and beyond to university.  She engages and inspires her students and shows them how Mathematics is related to the real world.  She mentioned today in conversation with me, that Mathematics encourages the ability for critical thinking and it is the basis of so many careers that our girls will want to follow.  Deb provides sound advice with respect to appropriate future courses of study and pathways and this has opened up more options for our students in taking STEM related university courses.

In addition to teaching at senior mathematics level Deb has been instrumental in introducing MathsCraft to Years 5 and 6 at Walford. Deb’s philosophy is that the development of problem-solving strategies at an early age sets up students for success in Mathematics and in life generally, building students’ resilience and risk taking.

Deb lives and breathes Mathematics 24-7, such is her genuine love of her subject. In her own special way she adds humour in her explanations and every day she wears Maths inspired t-shirts, shoes, socks and brooches much to the fascination of her students.

Deb scooped the pool with Awards as she was also distinguished with another honour, the Excellence in Teaching Award, for a teacher who is “an engaging and passionate communicator of Mathematics who inspires students to see the beauty and importance of Mathematics.”

Rebecca Clarke, Principal

The students, staff and colleagues are very proud of the well-deserved recognition that Deb has received on the national stage. Her enthusiasm for teaching and her much-loved subject of Mathematics is contagious!  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our staff at Walford for their dedication, said Rebecca Clarke

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