Alive Catholic Early Learning: Where Futures Begin

Alive is a network of Catholic Early Learning Centres, committed to creating positive early learning and preschool (kindergarten) experiences for children from 6 months to 5 years old.

Every child is alive with curiosity, wonder, imagination and ideas about the world.

Alive is a network of Catholic Early Learning Centres, committed to creating positive early learning and preschool (kindergarten) experiences for children from 6 months to 5 years old.

Specialists in early childhood education, each early learning centre in the Alive network is uniquely architecturally designed with children in mind and co-located with a school allowing for a single drop-off and pick-up.

Alive centres offer a holistic approach to education, personalised to the unique needs of each child and family, regardless of their primary or secondary education choices or faith.

Enrolling your child at an Alive Early Learning Centre opens the door to the whole family; not just your child. Community values and inclusivity are at the heart of the Alive experience, and each centre presents a supportive network for families, committed to actively engaging your child, and your family, in the joy of learning and living.

Explore, relate, grow, develop

The learning spaces of the centres in the Alive network encourage cooperation and collaboration between children of different ages. One of the core philosophies behind the Alive concept is the belief that how children learn, shapes who they become; creating these positive learning pathways by fostering constructive, caring social interactions gives children the opportunity to relate, grow and learn at their own pace, encouraged by those around them.

Gemma D’Angelo (General Manager, Alive) talks to us about the Alive experience:

What are the philosophies at the heart of the Alive network of Catholic Early Learning Centres?

Excellence in Early Childhood education lays a foundation for all future learning, which is why we develop learning programs for children from 6 months of age. Throughout the program children have a range of opportunities to explore and grow in their understanding about themselves, others and the world around them. We believe that every child is a unique learner, with their own capabilities and unlimited potential.

As educators our work is guided by our relationships with each child and their family. The quality of our relationships, together with our commitment and expertise in Early Childhood Education, means that each child engages in a learning program that is designed for them.

What can parents expect when they enrol their child into an Alive Early Learning Centre?

A personal welcome, a genuine interest in their family and their child, a commitment to actively supporting their child’s development from 6 months to 5 years and a seamless transition to school.

Those children who continue at the Catholic School we are co-located with, have the experience of engaging with that school community throughout their time in early learning. This ongoing connection ensures a very smooth transition to school.

When children are transitioning to a school on a different site, we work to develop a relationship with their school so that their transition can be as smooth as possible.

What is unique about what the Alive centres offer families who are enrolling?

Alive in collaboration with Catholic Education offer families a learning pathway for their children from 6 months through to Year 12.

Our early learning program provides a clear curriculum for children from 6 months and parents have access to their child’s learning program.

Our educational practice caters for the whole child because each component of a child’s development is important. We cater for children’s cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development.

During our tours families have the opportunity to observe the positive relationships between children and staff, and see the various aspects of our curriculum that children explore each day.

What are the physical spaces of the centres like and how do they engage the children in different types of play and learning?

Our physical spaces are architecturally designed with the developmental needs of children in mind. Our large open spaces ensure that children have plenty of space to engage with various materials and develop their understandings in Literacy, Numeracy, STEM, Movement and Art.

The deliberate organisation of our spaces encourages interaction between children of different ages. These social interactions also promote the capabilities of very young children in the way that they relate and learn. All of the positive relationships at Alive provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to thrive in each day.

The Alive curriculum includes a focus on:

  • Social and emotional learning
  • Movement
  • STEM
  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Arts and expression
  • Spirituality

Alive Early Learning Centres:

Mount Barker (opening January 2021)
Parafield Gardens

For more information:

08 8353 9900

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