Adelaide’s Best Kids Cooking Classes

Stressed about too much egg shell in the batter, or just don't know where to start with teaching the kids how to cook simple, easy recipes? Check out Adelaide's best kids cooking classes and get the professionals involved! (Pssst... and you won't have to do the clean up!!)

We’ve found Adelaide’s best kids cooking classes

Kiddos love kitchens! Whether it’s helping to mix the cake batter (and eating half of it in the process), or learning how to distribute just the right amount of pizza topping, kids love to get involved, and it’s the perfect opportunity for us as parents to teach the importance of eating healthy food, and even squeeze in a sneaky maths lesson with the weighing of ingredients and calculations of cooking times.

And let’s be honest; we all just want kids who will one day grow up and be able to cook themselves more than just the humble toastie.

That’s where Adelaide’s best kids cooking classes come in. If you’re stressed about too much egg shell in the batter, or just don’t know where to start with teaching the kids how to cook simple, easy recipes, are short on time or just don’t like the mess, then why not get the professionals involved?

Of course, as always, Adelaide delivers, with a number of cooking schools offering a range of kids cooking classes; and we’ve found the best for you!


kids cooking classes adelaide

Kids cooking with floury faces, sticky fingers, mucky aprons and messy bench tops are on the menu at Scoffed School of Food and Fun.

It doesn’t matter whether your child can mix ingredients together in a bowl, knows how to slice and dice, or what cross chopping is. Every week there is excitement, laughter, new experiences and great tasting food in Adelaide’s largest cooking school kitchen for kids aged 5+.

You’ll be blown away by what your child whips up and scoffs down at our kids cooking classes! They will learn the tricks of the trade, and how to make everything from perfectly boiled eggs to curries, pizzas and even dumplings.


  • A yummy kids’ meal at the end of every class (with leftovers to take away if there are any)
  • All ingredients
  • A big dose of fun (giggling fits optional)
  • Meeting new taste buddies and using a bit of the boring stuff they learn at school (that’ll be maths and English!)
  • Recipes to take home

Scoffed Cooking School
441/D Magill Road, St Morris SA 5068. (Enter via Williams Ave)

Sticky Rice Cooking School

sticky rice kids cooking classes

Kids or Kids and Parents Masterclass

Sticky Rice Cooking School offers a cooking class for kids aged over 10 (parents can accompany their child if they wish to also enrol- but the class does not allow for spectators).

Take along containers to take some food home or eat it all on the day if you can manage it! Meals include twice cooked Pork and Vegetable Gyoza dumplings with soy dipping sauce. Japanese Egg Fried Rice with vegetables. Japanese Teriyaki chicken served with sweet soy rice wine glaze and edamame rice.

N.B Not suitable for nut allergies and vegetarians. Contains gluten and seafood products.

Sticky Rice Cooking School
96 Old Mount Barker Rd, Stirling


sprout cooking classes adelaide

If you have a budding chef, keen foodie or someone who needs a little food inspiration, Sprout kids classes are perfect!

At Sprout kids classes, kids learn to cook fresh, seasonal and healthy meals, from scratch, in the Sprout kitchen, using proper equipment and all by themselves. No cupcake decorating here, just real food and real skills.

Sprout offers a range of cooking and nutrition services aimed at educating children about the importance of eating well and providing them with the skills to do so. Sprout doesn’t tell children what “not to eat”, but rather make healthy food delicious, fun and achievable.

All Sprout kids cooking classes are inclusive of all children, use positive reinforcing language, encourage interaction, teamwork and respect between children and are designed to positively challenge children with new cooking techniques, real responsibility and some unfamiliar ingredients.

Children with dietary requirements are absolutely welcome to attend Sprout cooking classes and all Sprout staff have completed the nationally accredited course Dietary Requirements Awareness and Safety.

With two sessions to choose from, a morning session for ages 5-11 and an afternoon session for ages 12-16, all your junior chefs will have a chance to be part of the fun.

89 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Hilton

HomeFresh Experience Cooking

homefresh cooking school

HomeFresh will inspire your kids to cook and eat healthy food, with a cooking program that has been carefully constructed to build children’s confidence in the kitchen, develop their cooking, knife and general kitchen skills, and help them learn one of life’s most important lessons; cooking healthy food from scratch for themselves and others.

Your kids will:

  • Learn to shop and cook with our HomeFresh chef
  • Develop a broad understanding of nutrition and cooking healthy food
  • Grow in confidence and their ability to interact with others (much more than a cooking class)
  • Learn how to select fresh healthy and nutritious produce
  • Leave home with fantastic junior chef’s skills if you help us help them

With school holiday fun shopping and cooking programs, birthday parties, and the Junior Chefs 4 hats cooking lessons (a comprehensive program of progressive lessons from beginner to advanced) there are a variety of options offered by HomeFresh to cater to those looking for one off classes or an ongoing course for the future family chef!

The Golden Grove Village Shopping Centre, Golden Way, Golden Grove

The Kids Kitchen TAFE SA

egg kid

TAFE SA offers The Kids Kitchen Growing Gourmet school holiday programs, where kids can lear to make either sweet and savoury dishes.

All classes will involve the preparation of a range of sweet and savoury dishes and will be taught by professional chefs in the TAFE SA world-class training facilities. All prepared food will be available to be taken home, unless consumed beforehand.

Participants in ‘The Kids Kitchen’ will be divided into age groups (numbers permitting) for their classes.

The Kids Kitchen TAFE SA

137 Days Rd, Regency Park

Big Market Adventures for Little Foodies

Adelaide Central Market

central market

The folks at the Adelaide Central Market are passionate about starting from ground level and teaching the next generation how to prepare healthy, easy and tasty meals together with nutritional advice. Why? Because good health starts in the kitchen! All of the produce will be fresh from market stalls and the team from Sprout ensure the classes are not only fun and interactive but have an educational focus too. Each class includes a small take away meal of the dish they prepare.

Big Market Adventures for Little Foodies is run in the school holidays. For more information about availability:

Adelaide Central Market

44 – 60 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000

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