A magical beginning: the Reception year at Tatachilla

Reception at Tatachilla Lutheran College
New friendships, connection with others and time in nature define the first year of schooling at Tatachilla Lutheran College. These essential ingredients prepare our youngest children socially and emotionally for a lifetime of personal growth and fulfilment.

At Tatachilla, we believe that all children are born capable, curious and open. We meet them where they are, respond to their ideas and value their intelligence.

We understand that during the first year of school, each of our Reception students will find themselves at a different place in life. They will each bring their own unique experiences, skills, hopes and expectations to our college community. We tap into their individual interests and needs to ignite their participation and motivation and personalise their educational journey.

This is just one of the ways that Tatachilla approaches the Reception year differently.

Tatachilla Lutheran College

Our teachers are called to the profession and committed to making the first year of school enriching and joyful, while also providing a safe transition from the early childhood setting to the school environment and its routines.

All of our Reception students develop early skills in literacy, numeracy and fine and gross motor movement primarily through play, which includes games with rules, construction activities, scientific experiments and dramatic play. These kinds of activities give our Reception students the opportunity to practice their skills in decision making, problem solving and investigation and contribute significantly to their cognitive development.

Our Reception children also have access to a range of beloved outdoor play spaces, including our seasonal creek, mud kitchen, climbing trees, mini beast garden, bush tucker garden and our 3.4-hectare EcoClassroom Sanctuary.
All doors at Tatachilla open up to endless trees and sweeping skies and provide students with the necessary space and tranquility to imagine and become.

Reception at Tatachilla

Tatachilla Reception

Our geographic uniqueness and undulating terrain – which spans 26 hectares of world-class natural beauty amid the vines and hinterland of the Fleurieu Peninsula – also inspires a lasting love and guardianship of Kaurna Country. Our teachers are able to integrate the college’s natural landscapes into the curriculum, making it far more than a mere backdrop to learning.

During the Reception year, Tatachilla students follow the Australian Curriculum and benefit from specialist lessons in Japanese, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Physical Education.

They are also introduced to the college’s vibrant Lutheran culture and encouraged to value the pursuit of knowledge, enjoy shared celebrations, participate in family life, forge a spiritual connection to each other and the land and act with grace and generosity among others. As part of this culture, all students from Reception to year 12 undertake Christian Studies.

Tatachilla Receptions

As an R-12 college, Tatachilla students are able to enjoy an uninterrupted and sequential education over the period of their entire school career, from their very first day of school to the day they graduate. This continuous journey of schooling enables them to forge enduring relationships with their teachers, classmates, coaches and mentors based on a lifetime of shared experiences.

No child at Tatachilla goes it alone. When we enrol a student, we enrol a whole family. We walk side-by-side in a partnership of learning and growth, united in our mutual desire for our children to thrive and lead lives of purpose and meaning.

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