Uncle Tobys launches its most requested lunchbox snack ever for back-to-school

Welcome the class of 2024! Uncle Tobys, is bursting into the new school year with a tasty array of brand-new snacks perfect for filling little lunchboxes.

Leading the snack pack is new Uncle Tobys Le Snak Mini Crackers. Crunchy, crispy and perfectly seasoned, Uncle Tobys Le Snak Mini Crackers come in a mini, bite size format and have a 4 Health Star Rating. They are made with 100% Aussie whole grain wheat and oats, are a source of whole grain and fibre, and have no artificial colours or flavours.

Uncle Tobys Head of Marketing Snacks, Jessica Barnes says, “We love to hear what Aussies want to fill their lunch boxes with. Selling the Le Snak cracker on its own has been our most requested snack, so we wanted to delight fans by introducing it in its own bite-sized bag!”

Feedback from families who were invited to taste test the new Le Snak Mini Cracker has been overwhelmingly positive. We expect this to be a big hit in lunch boxes for Back-To-School this year.

Uncle Tobys Le Snak Mini Crackers are made for lunchboxes, thanks to their enjoyable individual bags, available in two flavours – ‘Original’ and ‘Tasty Cheese’.

With seven bags per box, they are convenient for filling lunch boxes alongside a healthy balanced lunch, or for on-the-go snacking.

Top of the class for taste, Uncle Tobys has released two new muesli bars to round out lunchbox snack options, combining 100% Aussie oats with flavours the family will love:

  • Uncle Tobys Cookies and Crème Muesli Bar: Cookie pieces and oats, topped with a white choc drizzle
  • Uncle Tobys Raspberry Choc Chip Muesli Bar: Fruity raspberry pieces and oats, complete with milk choc chips


These bars are guaranteed to lighten up any lunch box with new flavours that tantalise the taste buds, a 4 Health Star Rating, and no artificial colours or flavours.

Knowing what families need for an A+ lunchbox that is top on taste and nutritionally balanced, these Uncle Tobys’ new snacks take the homework out of back-to-school snacking

Roll call for the Roll-Ups fans! As an extra bit of fun for active days, Uncle Tobys Roll Ups have added brand-new Groovy Grape to the Roll-Ups family. Made with no artificial colours or flavours, these are guaranteed to score in the top percentile of fun favourites.

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