Supermarket swap: Zooper Doopers & Mini Pops

SUPERMARKET SWAP: Summer Swap! Nabula from Supermarket Swap gives us her simple summer swap that can help your child avoid the hyperactivity that often follows with little people consume artificial colours and preservatives. This is one summer treat that if you're not careful, can be loaded with nasties!

Simple Supermarket Swaps to brands 100% free from nasties!

WORDS: Nabula Brdar

Have you ever stood in the aisle of the supermarket wondering which is the best brand to buy?

Ingredient lists have become so difficult to read, with so many additives and preservatives being added to our food in 2020.

Ideally, we would make all of our food from scratch; but realistically most of us are shopping at the supermarket every week

On a mission to help my son, I started to make simple swaps when I shopped to only buy brands that are 100% free from nasties. It takes no time at all, but has had such a positive impact on my child’s health & behaviour.

I started Supermarket Swap as I wanted to raise awareness of what is sneakily added into our food and make it easy for other time-poor parents to slowly make some simple changes too.

Happy Shopping,

Nabula x


This is one Summer treat that if you’re not careful, can be loaded with a lot of nasty additives & preservatives.

Swap your Zooper Doopers…

zooper dooper

…to Mini Pops!

mini pops

Making a simple swap when you shop, can help your child avoid the hyperactivity and emotional-meltdowns that often follow when little people consume artificial colours and preservatives such as Sodium Benzoate; which are sadly loaded into the popular Zooper Doopers.

Proud as Punch Mini Pops are delicious and will keep your kiddos happy all summer long!

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