Shine Greens: The secret weapon of Super Mums

Embodying the superhero spirit of incredible mothers everywhere, Lindy Klim has joined forces with eimele, a leading Australian plant-based nutrition brand, in a mission to empower busy Mums with their Shine Greens gut health supplement.

As a mother of four and a jet-setting entrepreneur, Lindy knows the importance of staying energised and healthy while constantly being on the go. For her, Shine Greens is a go-to daily secret weapon that keeps all the balls in the air.

Because I’m always on the go, getting my nutrition right means I have the energy I need to juggle my hectic lifestyle and be present for my kids.

Shine Greens is an essential daily greens formula crafted to support the well-being of busy mums. With powerful ingredients that aid your body’s natural detoxification process, boost immunity, and promote gut health, this nutrient-rich blend ensures optimal functioning of key organs. Its unique combination of plant-based wholefoods, fiber, pre- and probiotics takes care of your liver, kidneys, and intestine. And with 70% of your immune system residing in the gut, prioritising gut health is vital for a thriving and healthy life. The daily plant-based greens formula is a crowd-favourite in the digestive health category, offering an array of benefits, including boosting immunity, enhancing skin health, and promoting better sleep.

Lindy knows the importance of gut health and self-care, especially for busy working Mums. “Working within the wellness industry with my own brands, I’m quite conscious of the importance of my well-being, and in particular the importance of gut health. When you’re a working Mum, you tend to be time poor, but that self-care element is so important in terms of nutrition, sleep, exercise, social connections, and beauty rituals. Shine Greens Home Edition is such a convenient solution for those busy Mums, one scoop once a day and you’re done, it’s quick and easy and it really works,” she says.

Simon Hill, Head of the eimele Scientific Advisory Board, stresses the significance of nutrition for Mums, especially those who are always on the go. “Nutrition is vital to maintaining health and wellbeing, it’s important for everyone but especially those Super Mums who we know are really burning the candle at both ends,” he says.

Shine Greens is perfect for everyday family use. You can add it to water, fruit juice, smoothies, yoghurt, or sprinkle it on top of savoury dishes like pasta or salads. 

The Shine Greens family pack is available now on eimele’s website at an RRP of $47.00

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