PeaNOT butter and HazelNOT spreads: The nut-free alternative safe for lunchboxes!

Packing school lunchboxes just got a whole lot easier thanks to Mum and entrepreneur Sally Breden, who has launched VGood, a tasty and healthy, completely nut-free lunchbox alternative for kiddos nuts about nuts! 

The VGood range of nut-free spreads (PeaNOT Butter and HazelNOT Spreads…. we love it!) and snacks (Twists) made from chickpeas, were developed to meet the needs of allergy sufferers across the country and provide parents with tasty and healthy school lunchbox safe alternatives the kids (and adults!) will love.

nut free spreads

VGood launches into stores across Australia

VGood, the new nut-free range of spreads and snacks, has been added to the pantry aisles of IGA and independent grocery stores nationally.

VGood’s PeaNOT Butter (Crunchy and Smooth) and HazelNOT Choc Spreads are made using chickpeas without nut-based or allergy triggering ingredients and have been enthusiastically welcomed by parents looking for simple, healthy, lunchbox ideas that tick all the boxes.

As a mum, feeding my kids good food has always been important to me. VGood brings to life my dream of inspiring more people to feel confident that they are doing their best for their family without feeling as though they are compromising on living a good life – I want to develop nutritious and delicious foods that everyone can enjoy” Sally said.

Vgood range nutfree

The complete VGood Range

The complete range which also includes VGood’s Chickpea Twists in Smokin’ BBQ, Sea Salt and Tomato Basil are available at IGA and specialist grocery and health stores nationwide.

In addition, VGood has secured distribution in Ritchies and Drakes stores from April 2021, enabling the brand to deliver on its mission to provide great tasting and affordable alternatives for all families, regardless of their dietary choices or needs.

The next goal is to ensure VGood is easily accessible to everyone who needs this kind of alternative, and that means being stocked by more forward-thinking retailers.

VGood’s PeaNOT Butter has already been shortlisted in the top three for ‘Best Allergy Friendly Product’ at the World Food Innovation Awards 2021. The awards recognise some of the most ambitious developments from the food industry and winners will be announced on 23rd March.

vgood peanot butter

So is it… VGood?

VGood PeaNOT Butter looks, tastes and spreads just like peanut butter, and HazelNOT Choc a delicious chocolate spread, but they are made from chickpeas. They are suitable for use as a spread on toast, in a sandwich or on crackers, and with most Australian and New Zealand schools and day-care centres having nut-free policies, they are not just great for families with food allergies, they provide the perfect option for all kids who would love to take a peanut butter or Nutella sandwich to school but cannot. They also offer versatility in the kitchen for healthier, nut-free, and vegan friendly baking, smoothies, satay sauce and more.

hazelnot spread

Protein, Fibre and Iron

Being made with chickpeas, VGood spreads provide a source of protein, fibre, and iron, with a low glycaemic index and less fat than standard peanut butter.  HazelNOT Choc contains 60% less sugar than Nutella. They are free from the 14 most common food allergens including peanuts, tree-nuts, dairy, gluten, and soy.

VGood Twists

VGood Chickpea Twists are an affordable, crispy crunchy twisted snack made with over 90% chickpeas, in Smokin’ BBQ, Sea Salt and Tomato Basil flavours. Featuring a clean ingredient list with all-natural seasonings, packed naturally with fibre and over 20% plant-based protein, allergen friendly, 60 calories, and a 5-star health rating – VGood Chickpea Twists actually do deliver on health, without compromising on a delicious taste.

VGood is available in IGAs nationally



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