A welcome revamp of an Adelaide pasta institution

Three Adelaide hospitality veterans have joined forces to revamp Adelaide institution, Italia Pasta Fresca, and change the way Adelaidians eat pasta.

Claudio Ferraro (Cibo, Valentino’s), Eugenio Maiale (Citrus & the Green Olive, Auge, Atavola) and Nick Palumbo (Gelato Messina) have taken over one of Adelaide’s oldest and most respected pasta factories, Italia Pasta Fresca. The team brings over 48 years of experience to the iconic South Australian brand.

Located on Henley Beach Road, Torrensville, Italia Pasta Fresca has been totally reimagined. Now selling fresh durum wheat pasta by the gram, alongside classics such as ravioli, tortellini and other specialty pasta. The store’s range is informed by the trio’s heritage as well as over four decades of combined hospitality experience in Adelaide and Sydney.

“Italia Pasta Fresca is the quintessential neighbourhood pasta shop,” says Nick, who has recently opened his first Adelaide Messina store in Kent Town. “There’s nothing like handmade, fresh pasta. It should be a part of everyone’s weekly shop. The simplest, humblest ingredients, alongside beautiful handmade pasta, can be really special.”

Established in 1975, Italia Pasta Fresca is the perfect place for Claudio, Eugenio and Nick to bring their passion for pasta, hospitality and good food to the masses. They’re combining traditional offerings with more experimental and modern pastas, alongside ready-meals and specialty sauces.

On March the 1st the boys will swing the doors of their pasta factory open launching pasta sessions every Friday and Saturday night. The brief is simple. Good food. Good pasta. Good wine. Good times. It is the perfect space to be able to play around and offer something unique to the Adelaide food scene while showcasing what Italia Pasta Fresca has to offer.

“Pasta is all about family… community,” says restaurant veteran Eugenio.

[Pasta is] about the family gathering around the table, or having friends over and sharing a meal and making memories. It’s steeped in love and tradition, and we want people to feel that when they come to Italia Pasta Fresca, and take some of that into their own homes.

Key to the creation of good pasta is a focus on quality and simplicity, they focus on sourcing high-quality ingredients while prioritising local producers where possible. The menu offering for Friday and Saturday nights will evolve, with diners to expect a seasonal menu featuring a unique range of offerings from different Italian regions.

“Pasta is more than spaghetti,” says Adelaide hospitality stalwart Claudio, “and it changes from region to region, with variations on singular dishes varying wildly depending on who’s hands have put them together. We’ll always make the classics, but we’re looking forward to experimenting and expanding the way that South Australian’s eat pasta with IPF.”

Pasta nights at Italia Pasta Fresca will launch on Friday the 1st March. The retail shop is open Monday – Fridays 8am – 4pm and Saturdays 9am – 1pm and Italia Pasta Fresca products can be found in independents and good grocers around Adelaide.

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