Sweet dreams are made of Gelateca by Pizzateca

As the temperature rises and we welcome the sunny days of spring and summer, there’s one thing on everyone’s minds. Gelato!

Or is that just us…? 

Well, get excited folks, because beloved McLaren Vale pizza joint, Pizzateca, has launched their very own gelato store, aptly named ‘Gelateca,’ right next door to their famous Chalk Hill Road pizzeria.

The gelato dream team behind this sweet venture is made up of a trio of passionate foodies; Vito and Tony Mitolo, the masterminds responsible for Pizzateca, who have joined forces with gelato virtuoso, Andrea Calabrese. With a wealth of experience that spans from London to Melbourne and countless places in between, Andrea’s gelato artistry is as smooth as the swirls in every scoop.

Staying true to their philosophy of keeping it simple yet lip-smackingly delicious, Gelateca is rolling out a menu featuring a dozen divine gelato flavours. The classics are all there – think rich dark chocolate, creamy hazelnut, and delightful pistachio, perfect for lovers of timeless Italian flavours.

If you’re in the mood for something more adventurous, mums and dads, they’ve also got the grown ups covered with flavours like limoncello, a zesty and mildly alcoholic sorbet, and a chilli honey gelato created as a nod to Pizzateca’s signature ‘diablo’ pizza.

Whether you prefer your gelato in a cup, a cone, or even as a fully customised cake (yes, you read that right), Gelateca has a treat for everyone. They’ve even considered dietary restrictions, offering dairy-free sorbet options and gluten-free cones to ensure that everyone can savour a scoop of Italian sweetness.

With Pizzateca’s commitment to authentic Italian flavors, Gelateca is sure to deliver not just gelato but an authentic Italian experience. So, as the weather warms up, treat yourself to the perfect duo: Neapolitan-style pizza and tasty Italian gelato right in the heart of McLaren Vale. Buon appetito!

Psst! Keep an eye out for the Pizzateca and Gelateca pop-up stands at Silver Sands, Aldinga.

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