Follow Foodbites and Bring the Merry to Mealtime

Friendly Food

Let’s be honest, most days we are definitely guilty of chucking the old banana and Vegemite sandwich in the school lunch box, but let’s just pretend we are one of those mystical, super hero instamums for a second anyway…

Trying to present healthy food in a fun, appealing way to kids can feel like an eternal struggle. It is comical that a 3 year-old, who can’t count beyond 10, will somehow suddenly become the Sherlock Holmes of vegetables at the mere hint of eating something nutritious. They will dodge and weave around the microscopic carrot until it is banished to the far edge of the plate.

So how do you overcome this? Foodbites bring the merry to mealtime, making healthy food so irresistible that not even Sherlock Jr. could refuse Pete the (banana) Penguin. One stalk of this creative, colourful Instagram will leave your head buzzing with ideas – which you may never have time for – but hey, it’s a good idea in theory.


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