Dumpling 100 launches dumpling kits for kids

Set to be your kids' new favourite meal, Adelaide based and locally produced business, Dumpling 100 have launched their brand-new nutritious dumplings for kids, each looking like a pocket of fun with their naturally derived coloured wrappings.

Not only do the dumplings look delish for kids with their green, red and yellow wrappers, but they are also packed with nutrients (and vegetables, shhh…we won’t tell if you don’t!) with a balance of protein, vitamins and carbohydrates, ready to support your children’s growth and healthy lifestyle.

dumpling 100

Convenient for busy households and hungry kiddos

Available in three scrumptious, kid-friendly filling flavours, Fish and Parmesan, Chicken and Vegetables and Beef and Vegetables, these frozen dumplings are ready to be served in just 12 minutes, convenient for busy households and hungry, impatient kids.

Co-Founder of Dumpling 100, Shelley Zhou explains,

“being a mum myself, I understand how fussy children can be with food so I thought why not entice them through colour, making a product look fun yet jam-packed with goodness and flavour – trust me when I say that they’ll be coming back for seconds!”

“One of our core values is selecting the highest quality ingredients by supporting local suppliers as well as ensuring that no nasties make their way into our products such as MSG and preservatives.”

“We also wanted to ensure that the colours were vibrant enough to appeal to children’s eyes but only with the use of natural food dye,” Shelley says.

dumpling 100 kids meals

dumpling 100 kids meals
dumpling 100

Say goodbye to mealtime stress

Ready in minutes say goodbye to mealtime stress and hello to endless meal options such as enjoying the red Beef & Vegetable dumplings in a tasty soup, the yellow Fish & Parmesan dumplings alongside some steamed rice or the green Chicken & Vegetable dumplings in a wholesome stir fry.

Available at your local Romeo’s Foodland, Dumpling 100 HQ and on the Dumpling 100 website, be sure to pick up the new Dumpling 100 Kids Range and fuel your little one’s growing bodies with nutritious, tasty and fun dumplings that will make both you and your kids smile!

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