Betty’s backs its first new burger in two years with a ‘love-at-first-bite’ taste promise

It’s taken more than two years of discovery and trial for Betty’s Burgers to be 100% satisfied with their new, permanent plant-based menu item – the Betty’s Classic Plant.

The team at Betty’s reckon it’s the best plant-based burger on the market, but if you don’t agree they’ve nailed it in your first two bites, they’ll replace it on the spot for FREE with a Betty’s Classic or a Betty’s Classic Vegan.

bettys vegan burger

Betty’s first plant-based burger

There has been a strict ‘no-taste-compromise’ approach to the creation of Betty’s first plant-based burger!

Made with locally-produced ingredients, Betty’s Classic Plant is both simple and delicious. It features all-new Aussie-made, soy-based plant patty from Love BUDS, with all the Classic burger ingredients including fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and the famous Betty’s special sauce.

bettys plant based burger

Managing Director Troy McDonagh, says

“The Betty’s Classic Plant is based on the signature taste of our #1 selling burger – The Betty’s Classic. The only difference is the protein swap. We’re confident this new menu item will be loved by vegetarians and carnivores alike, which is why we’ve backed it with our ‘Love at First Bite’ guarantee.”

“It was incredibly important to us to find a plant-based patty that was incredible in taste and 100% Australian made. Other burger restaurants have been quick to bring in plant-based patties from overseas but we believe our guests will appreciate the fact we’re supporting an Australian business.”

The plant-based patty is vegan, gluten-free and those following a strictly Vegan diet can swap out the Classic Plant’s milk bun, sauce and remove the cheese to create their ideal treat on a vegan bun.

“This really is about proudly offering something for everyone. We want to enable all our diners with their unique personal preferences to happily eat alongside one another.”

The NEW Betty’s Classic Plant is available at all Betty’s Burgers restaurants from 10th March. Priced at only $11.50, the Betty’s Classic Plant is also one of the best priced plant-based burgers on the market.

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