We teed off at the updated mini golf course at The Beachouse and it’s a gimme!

The new mini golf course at The Beachouse is open after it's recent refurb and we were lucky enough to head down to check it out with our mini KIDDO crew during the recent school holidays. Here's what we thought!

Mini Golf at The Beachouse Review: A Day on the Green

The new mini golf course at The Beachouse is ready to go after it’s recent refurb and we were lucky enough to head down to check it out with our mini KIDDO crew during the recent school holidays.

T’was a foggy old day, and each with a Beachouse putter in the crook of our arm and a golf ball in our pockets we took to the greens at Glenelg on the Western side of The Beachouse.

As we threw a few blades of grass in the air to determine the wind direction and the best course of our play, we couldn’t help but be reminded of the hazy twilight on the fifteenth fairway and smooth greens of the famous St Andrews Golf Course that has played host to so many pro golfers before us.

OK, I’m kidding.

But with a fresh look and a whole lot of new obstacles, the mini golf course at The Beachouse is absolutely on par (….geddit?) with, at the very least, the top putt putt golf courses in SA.

While the doors of The Beachouse were closed, the team were hard at work upgrading the course, and it shows.

With the surface stripped back, new greens installed (smooth enough to allow for several holes in one from my little people and even one from me – a minor miracle!), upgraded landscape gardens (the place is a succulent heaven now!) the course is looking beauTEEful, there are no ifs, ands or putts about it.

Being school holidays it was fairly busy, but we all know a good game is a fast game (particularly with kids) and despite the amount of people on the course, we had absolutely no waiting around for other people to finish their shots. The course flowed smoothly and easily as the amount of obstacles, and their difficulty level, suit the space and no one was standing around trying to get the ball in the hole on shot after shot or throwing their putter in the ocean through sheer frustration.

Given the competitive nature of my children, this was definitely a win.

With the oversized novelty dynamite casually placed around greens, the course had a distinct old school iconic Looney Tunes vibe about it which my kids and I loved; it felt like we were moments away from seeing the roadrunner whizz past with Wile E Coyote hot on his heels.

the beachouse mini golf

It’s a full 18 hole mini golf course which gave the kids enough time to get their eye in and feel like they were improving but it’s not so vast that they felt like by the end of it they were dragging their clubs behind them wishing to finish.

The upgraded mini golf course at The Beachouse definitely get’s the KIDDO big tick and 6 thumbs up of approval from our little golfers.

If you’re keen to try it out yourself, now is a great time to do it as The Beachouse is currently offering an awesome School Holidays mini golf special:


Includes 18 holes of Mini Golf for 4x people!
To take advantage of this special offer plus heaps more, head to The Beachouse website and download their School Holiday Vouchers at:

*Conditions apply – see voucher for details.

The Beachouse will be open every day of the school holidays!


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